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my city suffered a flood a few years back. I remember how surreal it all seemed at the time, and I understand how crippling it can be on small towns. you have to applaud the people who dedicate themselves to staying. it's often not as easy as you'd first think.
1 Like   26 minutes ago
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such an attractive and sensible house. good for them.

   6 minutes ago
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When we had the windows, sidings and roof replaced on our 1847 Farmhouse last year, I had the 1930s coop updated. It was due for a coat of paint and we had leftover siding. I used the old windows from the house which have both screens and storms and the new Hardie siding. In the Wisconsin winters, the coop is certainly less drafty! I had it sided without telling my husband knowing he'd say, "No!" and yet be glad when he saw it finished.
3 Likes   2 hours ago
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@ Madmeg – absolutely love your posh chicken coop – very elegant! Great recycling!

Utterly delighted with the chandelier – raising the status quo for the ladies! It’s Madam Chicken from now on if you please…this is so hilarious, I just can’t stop giggling…

Regrettably, I cannot keep chickens – but I absolutely love them. They are such useful and convivial creatures and my heart goes out to kind people who house them in comfort and treat them as they deserve to be treated.

   1 hour ago
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