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Greenblott Landscape & Interiors
Thanks Falon...this is a great article, clear and concise...a must read for any homeowner. Making sure the relationship is the right fit between owner & professional is key. Being transparent, honest and to the point has always taken us in the right direction. We encourage homeowners to think carefully about budget/style and be upfront from the start, this will save both parties time. It would be interesting to see a story on what professionals are looking for in a potential client...perhaps a follow-up to this with a poll?
2 Likes   1 hour ago
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Bookmarked this and some of the other referenced articles. We are hoping to remodel the main bathroom as it has many of the issues mentioned here - no ventilation but the window, great big vanity that is almost empty, we'd like a jacuzzi type tub for our aging joints, and yes, the first thing you see is the toilet. My husband would like me to mention that the most important rule of bathroom design is to never put a mirror over the toilet. Also, that he proudly just installed a new toilet.
   1 hour ago
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Great article Mitch. I hope you used the photo for #10 as an example of poor use of materials and a suggestion of how that bathroom could have been done much better with the use of higher end materials such as a vanity. As I have said before, this is a horrible use of space. Just look at all their stuff sitting out on stools and on the sinks. What a useless mess and it could have been easily resolved with a good looking vanity.
   8 minutes ago
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So warm, I love your choice of colors and stone for the fireplace.
3 Likes   3 hours ago
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To be a real Russian stove, there needs to be a horizontal space large enough for a mattress, otherwise, the Russians call it a Swedish stove.
2 Likes   3 hours ago
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