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How wonderful, so many details, so much thought in every minute details.
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Tim Ziehl Architects
My kind of place! Congratulations to the Architectural team!!
0 Likes   1 hour ago
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Ginny Knowlden
My husband built the shed for fire wood. He added an over hang and potting bench area for me. There's a salvaged stainless steel sink. It's fin and functional.
3 Likes   8 hours ago
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My 10x16 greenhouse/garden shed has undergone a couple of transformations. The renovation this summer included removing some rotting hundred year old windows and adding salvaged skylights, better salvaged windows and refurbished antique screen doors and a cupola. There are tables for plants, a potting station and pot storage plus a comfy chair for just hanging out. The windows overlook the potager vegetable garden, edged with low boxwood hedges and balls.
There is a large coldframe beside it with an outdoor potting station attached to the back of comprises of a tile topped, workbench with an antique porcelan sink..
4 Likes   4 hours ago
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Thank you for writing this. Two years ago in the fall, our mother passed away, and then 20 days later, our father died also. Needless to say, the holidays since then have been difficult. Christmas Eve was always the highlight of my mother's year and when she passed, she had already completed her Christmas shopping. I have five siblings so our family is quite large, and my mother delighted each year in buying each person several gifts each. After we found my mothers stash of approx. 75 gifts, unwrapped and unlabeled, my sister and I had the huge task of trying to guess who she had purchased each gift for, then wrap each one. We had to carry on and open all of her gifts that Christmas Eve, and in a way it was like having her still with us, but of course we all cried all the way through it. My parents were married more than 60 years and gave all six of us the gift of a close family, and I honestly don't think any of us could have coped without our brothers and sisters. So when I read this article, my heart ached for you, and I know its a matter of time before I lose a sibling, and I can only imagine the depth of your losses. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this because even though most people who knew my parents were so supportive, the fact is that after a little while, everyone just moves on except the grieving person. So every chance to write a little memory helps. Please take the time to grieve how you need to, especially over Christmas.
0 Likes   37 minutes ago
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@lizzie91001 - having been through divorce as well, I can say that it is a loss as well and you do grieve. You go through all the stage of grief plus the wound is often constantly reopened when having to contend with your ex-spouse, especially if children are involved. Life is never the same again and old traditions have to be changed. So yes, while there is a difference in the source of the grief, the loss and the heartache are devastating and take time to work through the pain.
0 Likes   27 minutes ago
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