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Recommend a great copy of serge mouille lamp:
Serge Mouille Three Arm Ceiling Lamp $655
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Considering the climate, I am wondering where the garage is--I have very unhappy memories of digging my car out during DC winters and dealing with a hot car in the summer.
Because the couple wants to live there forever, why not install an elevator?
But the biggest problem I have with the layout is the lack of an entryway that would allow you to take off coat and boots, put down anything you are carrying, and generally orient yourself to being inside. No doubt there is a side entrance for family, but guests come to the front.
0 Likes   4 minutes ago
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Nani Sa
Is this berry?
0 Likes   December 7, 2013 at 7:57AM
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Just what I need to add a pop of color to the house!
0 Likes   June 11, 2014 at 7:31AM
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Fiorito Interior Design

Thanks for including my African Savanna Holiday Tree in this article. I appreciate it!

Jeff Fiorito, Allied ASID
1 Like   January 6, 2014 at 7:44PM
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I'm glad the article is on here simply to highlight some African aspects of culture but in all honesty Kwanzaa is not an African narrative. It is great if it brings people together but factually a little research will show that despite being one continent, you could not have more diverse cultures subsequently there is no one "African" holiday. I agree with @Ndwigah some of the designs touted as African aren't, I noticed a Greek key throw and the "kinara' is not necessarily a candelabra but Swahili for candle-holder, meaning it could be one or seven :) Also Kiswahili is not the official language of Africa (which is not a country) and this is the language in which the Kwanzaa priniciples seem to be written in while in reality it is only spoken officially in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya with some neighbouring East African states starting to incorporate the language. Kudos to Houzz regardless for bringing something different to the table.
1 Like   last Sunday at 2:50PM
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Francoise, vous ne perdez rien, en fait les photos sont assez parlantes...
0 Likes   1 hour ago
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Maybe next year. I travel to where my family is for Christmas, so it's more about the packages than my house decorations. I got the paper, tags, most of the ribbons and bows and the embellishments at Walmart. It was $25, maybe $30 for everything and fairly fast wrapping.
0 Likes   2 minutes ago
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Question about Solatubes: I encouraged some friends to have one installed in an attic bathroom (they couldn't enlarge the window because of restrictions on a 'historic' house). The installer placed the outside of the solatube so that it slants with the pitch of the roof, as you would a conventional, flat skylight. He also put it on the east side of the house, and partly behind a chimney... My friends are disappointed, and I'm puzzled. Clearly the installer was not thinking when he put the solatube in a place where it would only rarely get direct sunlight. But should he not have installed it so that the outside of the solatube is horizontal, rather than slanting it with the pitch of the roof?

It would be very expensive for them to have the tube moved to the other side of the peak of the roof where it would get late morning, afternoon and late afternoon sun. But I'm wondering if it were re-installed in the same spot so that it is higher and horizontal, rather than flat to the pitch of the roof, would help them get more light in their very dark attic bathroom. My brother has one in a bathroom that's right at the center of his house - no windows - and every time a new visitor uses that bathroom, he or she is always trying to turn off the light - it's that bright. In my friends' case, they feel like they might as well not have a Solatube at all, for all the light it gives them. Very dim...
0 Likes   3 hours ago
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Paul B. Showers
I've numerous friends that have used Solatubes to great satisfaction. I've used Velux sky lights with their factory recommended flashing kit and never have experienced anything but well lit spaces, never a leak. I can honesty say the only time I've been disappointed by a sky light was when I just didn't put one in where I felt it would be beneficial. I will never allow a contractor to talk me out of one ever again.
2 Likes   2 hours ago
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