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I live in the Austin metro, and I'm wondering with all these windows, how do you keep the house from getting super hot? We have to have our blinds down much of the time with that Texas sun beating down on the house.
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I am always curious how much the land, the architect, materials, labor, furniture etc cost the folk who have these homes built or remodeled. I'm sure it's uncool to ask, but it certainly seems as important as all the information and comments.
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Mike Cole
Here's our work in progress gardenroom/ shed. The wife and I built and designed it by ourselves. This is our third year working on it and it has been a blast! It's 200 sq feet, which is the max we can build without a permit. We were lucky to find all the glass and doors for free and designed around those sizes. Last year we added power and this year we added a water system. It's standard 2x6 construction sitting on 10x10 treated beams anchored to ten concrete footers below our frost line. We use it to start flowers in the spring and propagate perenials. I think it's one of those projects that will never truly be done.
Mike and Kathie
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Ginny Knowlden
My husband built the shed for fire wood. He added an over hang and potting bench area for me. There's a salvaged stainless steel sink. It's fin and functional.
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Paul B. Showers
We too have been surrounded by loss for the past several years or have been actively in the Hospice process during the holidays. There are some wonderful groups available that can help fill in the gaps, Griefshare and Celebrate recovery. Both are faith based and available at no cost. But grief effects everyone in very different ways. The ideas listed above are good ways to redirect your thoughts as well as remember your loved one. Some people are completely consumed by grief and others can move on rather quickly. There is no right or wrong way to express your grief. What works best is what works for you. People will often offer well intended advise or make remarks that are equally well intended that may not sit well with the person who is grieving. It is important to remember that they come from the right place even if they seem inconceivable at the time. We recently lost a dear friend who left behind a wife and two young sons. It was sudden and completely unexpected. Someone in the receiving line at the visitation asked the widow if she would remarry. Yes, life will go on but we each need to process our loss as completely as we can before we can conceive of doing so. A home can be a great place of respite but it's very important not to let it become a fortress of solitude.
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So sorry for your losses! Your advice is wonderful and perhaps someone will choose one or more to help them cope with their loss. I lost my mom five years ago.....two days before Thanksgiving. There is never a "good" time to lose a loved one. If there is, please share. I was "thankful" for having had a great mom and thankful that her suffering was over . And, yes, I talk to friends and family long after they have departted this life. Comfort is found in many forms. I still play the last voice mail message from a dear friend who died this past summer from cancer. It is comforting to hear her positive and cheery demeaner as she faced her final months . It is nice to still "hear" her voice. It makes me smile, in fact. Peace to all who grieve this holiday season and beyond.
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