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Houzz Tour: A Peaceful Lakehouse Rises From the Rubble
Mary Jo Bowling | April 20, 2014 4

Crashing trees left this Vermont home uninhabitable, but a redesign made it better than ever

7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Kitchen
Laura Gaskill | April 20, 2014 4

Strike fear into the hearts of gunky corners and grimy walls. Our weeklong plan will get your kitchen spick-and-span from top to bottom

Must-Have Book: ‘A Field Guide to American Houses’
Steven Randel | April 20, 2014 4

Be the architectural historian of your neighborhood with this invaluable updated version of a well-researched classic

My Houzz: Finding Beauty in the Everyday
Jenn Hannotte | April 20, 2014 10

From the 2-story woodstove to the fridge in the entryway, unusual takes on simple things give this Toronto home character

Liberate Your Chandelier
Becky Dietrich | April 20, 2014 13

Chandeliers are showing up in the most unexpected places. Where can you imagine one?

8 Kitchen Design Tips for Foodies
Christine Tusher | April 20, 2014 10

If you own at least one pricey knife and have a slew of kitchen tools, you’ll want to read this

Guest Picks: Loving Linen All Over the Home
Anita Joyce | April 20, 2014 16

Charmingly rumpled or ironed smooth, these linen finds from napkins to curtains bring casual elegance to rooms

The Enduring Appeal of the Egg Basket
Mary Jo Bowling | April 19, 2014 12

Hardworking wire baskets are flying the coop for a life inside, appearing as storage, organizers and decor

6 Ways to Harmonize Different Home and Garden Styles
June Scott | April 19, 2014 6

No need to play a matching game. Unify your landscape and architecture by creating links that tie them together

You Said It: ‘Photovoltawhata?’ and More Houzz Quotables
Becky Harris | April 19, 2014 5

Design advice, inspiration and observations that struck a chord this week

Budget Bathroom Beautifiers
Christine Tusher | April 19, 2014 14

Spruce up your loo without heading to the loan office, by focusing on little details that make a difference

Guest Picks: Egg Platters to Keep Those Devils in Their Place
Meaghan Mountford | April 19, 2014 8

You just might cluck with delight over these perfectly portioned egg plates for Easter and beyond

10 Ways to Open a Kitchen to the Outdoors
Laura Gaskill | April 19, 2014 40

Have your cooking and your nice weather too, with a kitchen setup that embraces indoor-outdoor flow

Should I raze my existing driveway/garage and convert
I have a circa-1930s Colonial Revival house that has...
Lou Paris | 1 minute ago   19
Scalloped valence?
Trying to update and modernize the living room. It...
kp40836 | 1 minute ago   5
Are your dogs allowed on the couch/bed?
Do you let your dogs sit with you on the couch or sleep...
Jeannie Nguyen | 2 minutes ago   173
Carpet color?
House from the late 50's want to go 60's contemporary,...
Brandon Berrett | 3 minutes ago   12
Trying to decide best color for future new area rug
My contemporary home has a backyard view of a mid size...
imirab | 3 minutes ago   2
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