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Wake Up Your Woodwork With Black
Joanna Simmons | July 26, 2014 1

Strike a dramatic note with black window frames, shelves, stairs and more, making features stand out or blend in

How to Avoid Overcrowded, Overpruned Shrubs
Noelle Johnson | July 26, 2014 4

Go for a more natural look that’s easier and less expensive to maintain by giving your plants the right amount of growing room

My Houzz: Serene Simplicity in Brooklyn
Corynne Pless | July 26, 2014 7

Clean white backdrops and minimal furnishings give a Red Hook rental a peaceful air

Guest Picks: Sunshine and Sunflowers for Summer
Clarissa Nassar | July 26, 2014 5

Boost your mood with accessories, tiles and furnishings recalling two of the cheeriest things around

You Said It: ‘It Was a Symbolic Gesture to Myself’ and More Quotables
Becky Harris | July 25, 2014

Design advice, inspiration and observations that struck a chord this week

5 Prairie Wildflowers That Can Heal Your Soil
Benjamin Vogt | July 25, 2014 9

Get free, organic soil fertilizer with nitrogen-pumping plants that draw pollinators too

Turquoise Dreams and Beachy Things
Becky Dietrich | July 25, 2014 22

Whether you sway toward South Pacific or float to a moodier blue, turquoise will land you on the shores of happy

Kitchen of the Week: Period Details Keep History Alive in Portland
Becky Harris | July 25, 2014 27

Modern functionality and doubled square footage bring a 1910 kitchen into the present while respecting its past

My Houzz: New Life and Style for a 1976 Airstream
Lucy Call | July 25, 2014 27

Taking a pass on RV standards, the new owner of this 1976 Ambassador Airstream looked to flexible furniture and clean, organized spaces

Guest Picks: Flash a Little Neon
Sheila Zeller | July 25, 2014 3

Make your rooms come alive with acid-green glassware here, electric pink candles there and decor in a whole host of other hot colors

Eye-Catching Centerpieces Beyond Flowers and Fruit
Catherine Funkhouser | July 25, 2014 19

Use your imagination to create a tableau that reflects your surroundings, creates dramatic tension or elicits surprise

Houzz Tour: Meet a Home Made With Minivan Parts
Becky Harris | July 24, 2014 25

Sawn-off car roofs for the siding, windows popped out of van doors ... this California home is as resourceful as it is beautiful

How to Avoid Paying Too Much for a House
Christine Tusher | July 24, 2014 24

Use the power of comps to gauge a home’s affordability and submit the right bid

What color should I paint this small bedroom?
Main floor is getting painted next week. Mostly SW...
Ann | 5 minutes ago   1195
Do I need 2 Coffee tables in my living room?
I have a glass square one ...nice but doesn't work...
cathyhumes | 1 minute ago   11
This is what I did with the help of Houzz
I would like to thank the designers of this site for...
bancken | 8 minutes ago   1
What color to use on new house?
Leaning towards blue/grey siding with white trim and...
psb85 | 1 minute ago   2
Dining Room Help
I want to paint or wallpaper my dining room as well...
agoslee | 9 minutes ago   6
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