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I was waiting for "clever tricks" . . . . this was a complete overhaul.
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The layout is so much better, but $50k is steep.
0 Likes   35 minutes ago
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My Mom would take an old plastic picnic tablecloth and put it under the tree/stand to protect her wood floor from water spillage. One side had felt, one side was plastic. She put the felt side down so that she could stand the tree away from the wall so my Dad could walk around it to put on the lights. Then us kids got to put on all the decorations. When we were done, Dad could slide the tree closer to the corner of the walls, plug in the lights, and ta-da, perfectly decorated tree on all sides. Made it so easy.
2 Likes   6 hours ago
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The pre cut trees you buy from a lot, have been shipped in, and cut for well!!! over a month. Yes, sap will formed at the base to seal in some moisture, but don't expect a miracle. These trees will drop needles almost instantly. If you're going "real" cut your own, and REMEMBER it looks small in the forest, not in your living room. Take a sturdy tape measure! and when you get home, make yet another fresh cut, and place in a bucket of water until set up time. Then allow a half day for branches to settle, as it sits in more water in your LARGE ENOUGH STAND. TIP:Use a litre soda bottle to fill the resevoir. Much easier to water daily, with virtually no spills. Never cut a tree from a hillside. It will not ever stand tall and straight in your stand. Just trust me on that one. Cut from a flat ground area.......: )
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