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My Dad was talking to a business acquaintance and they discovered the man had moved into a house that my aunt lived in a few decades back. The acquaintance told my Dad of a relic he found when pulling up the carpeting in a bedroom closet: My cousin's bad report card from the 1970s. Houses hold great secrets.
6 Likes   1 hour ago
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Our friends were sad when we sold our house because we had so many great times there. We rented while building our new home and had several parties at the new site. We had a ground breaking party to start construction and several others during the process. Some were during the winter and we froze but still had fun. Close to the end, we invited friends and told them we would have lots of food and drink but if they wanted to sit they needed to bring a chair. We figured we would be there a few hours but were there over 8 hours. We had two construction lights, a boom box and 25 people. Kids had a blast. Old friends and new neighbors got to know each other. After we moved in and had a party, our friends said they already felt at home. Most importantly, our two teenagers felt totally at home and so did their friends.
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Kathy Dunn
So does the owner have to go outside to access the bedroom (not so fun with San Francisco's weather)?? Also would like to see the rest of the kitchen and the bathroom. Is there a garage, shed or parking space, or does the owner compete for street parking with the rest of San Francisco. I also would like to know where he keeps his bikes (maybe this is all the transportation he has??).

Those complaining about staging should realize that every Houzz photo shoot is staged...this one is just more obviously done.
   2 hours ago
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Where did the bird sculpture come from? I have that exact piece that I purchased in Ithaca, NY in the early 70's.
   2 hours ago
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