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BluePrince Architectural

What a great concept!
I'm guilty of forgetting that white can work as a pop, and these examples really demonstrate the possibilities.
I'm especially fond of how well it works in the dark-blue panelled room.

1 Like   8 minutes ago
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How do you know when to harvest?
   February 15, 2015 at 12:36AM
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Namakau Mutumba
jmages would really help especially for first timers like myself. am on the net almost all the time and buying garden magazines and getting more confused with so many ideas.
   on Monday at 2:49PM
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This is my favorite kind of Houzz feature--a warm, inviting space with a welcome entryway even in a small area, simple non-window treatment to maximize light, furniture in proportion and arranged for conversation and relaxation--no honking brown or black leather couches--yet comfy as can be. Even the large TV dilemma is solved--it doesn't dominate and sits on a styish piece to draw the eye away from the black TV when it's off.

I also enjoy seeing how creatives work in thrift and Craigslist finds without anything looking junky or cluttered. Many people posing decorating dilemmas about how to make their spaces cozier, warmer, yet uncluttered could learn a lot by studying this couples' space

P.S. Love the chalkboard behind the bed. Next saying above the bed: "parents of teens nightmare." :)

   25 minutes ago
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I don't know if anyone is really suggesting that a permitted job means it will ensure top notch quality or everyone will elevate their craftsmanship. But what it will do is sort out unlicensed and uninsured repair contractors from pretending to be general contractors. Permits will help to eliminate dangerous or hazardous issues from your project. Usually repair contractors do not want to get permits because no municipality would ever issue them permits. I hear so many people say that my repair or renovation contractor said we do not need permits. There are very few home improvement that do not need permits. If your project only involves painting, carpeting, tiling or adding trim, then you probable do not need permits. As soon as you project starts expanding into new plumbing, adding electrical appliances, moving walls, building decks or adding new gas appliances, then getting proper permits should be one of the first question that a homeowner asks a prospective contractor.

   8 minutes ago
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Very eye-opening article. I live in a 100+ year old house in a very 'urban' part of Chicago. A few years ago, the backyard fence that was there when we bought the house (installed by the previous owners) started to fall over. We decided, instead of shoring it up, to hire a contractor and install a new fence. Being honest, compliant people, we agreed to assist the contractor, by going to City Hall and pulling the permit for the work. Huge mistake! We were there for hours, while we were asked a million stupid questions, such as - Why are you replacing the fence? Because it's falling down. Why are you using a suburban contractor? Because, this particular contractor is highly recommended... Also, this was a 'privacy' fence...there had been break-ins in the area, and we wanted to make sure no one could scope out the backyard. The building department said we had to cut a hole in the gate so that 'people could see into the yard'...which makes no sense! After 4 hours, and $175, we finally convinced them to give us the permit. After that small glimpse into the insanity that is the Chicago building dept., we now only hire contractors who go pull the permit themselves.

   3 minutes ago
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