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Merry Merry!
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Hi everybody Merry Xmas to all. . We are happy together even this xmas with my grown up young sons DIL enjoing Xmas lunch with simple decorations.
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Jay Sifford Garden Design
Eric, this piece of writing is incredible. I want to carefully craft a response because I want to get it just right.

I'm enjoying a respite from the holiday pace before I head to dinner with family and friends. I'm sitting on my yatsuhashi boardwalk overlooking the creek with a glass of red zin and some brie, not because I'm hungry, but because I want to experience the creamy texture of the cheese against the tannins in the wine. I'm reading a book on Japanese stone gardens, feeling the sun piercing the forest around me, feeling the breeze that is just strong enough, or perhaps just restrained enough, to play a melody on the large wind chimes directly overhead. The reason for, and result of, Christmas is, and should be, peace on earth; I'm feeling that peace just now.

Your thoughts and illustrations are both perfect and relevant. Today I've been planning a new garden on the land I call my own. It's a light garden as it faces east and catches the morning sun, even though it's surrounded by forest. Most people, outside of gardeners and artists never stop to notice and experience how light changes from hour to hour and from season to season. I have a contemporary life-size steel ballet dancer sculpture there on axis with my windows. I'm planning an installation of maybe 8 or 10 vertical 2x4s, some face on toward the windows, some turned where I see their narrow sides. I'm going to stain them to match the beech trunks in the forest and mirror the sides facing the house to catch the morning light. They'll be staggered throughout the garden. I'm also planning an installation of boxwood (that I used to abhor), pruned into balls, interspersed with stone spheres. I have a primal attachment to that shape. That's my project for the new year that's just for me.

As for my work, my desire is to create as much beauty and as much peace for as many people as I can, as a gift back to humanity. I will use texture, juxtaposition, subdued color and shape as a means to that end. I have a water feature planned in my head that is unlike anything I've ever seen. Some special person will be the recipient of that gift. I most likely do not know that person yet, but I will. I'm done with ornamentation and decoration. My desire is to provide meaning and to help others appreciate the subtle beauty that most never see.

Thank you for this article, for the thought process it initiated in me, and for the beauty and peace that will be the result of my craft. I know that your journey and result will be the same.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
4 Likes   3 hours ago
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Trilliums Landscaping & Horticulture
Not sure they drowned, this is a raised bed and roses, phlox and strawberries have all done well in that spot - I might have over mulched- will definately try again with better drainage, maybe in the bed I grow cactus & succulents in. Thanks for your help.
1 Like   January 3, 2014 at 10:32AM
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Le jardinet
The black roots indicate rot for one reason or another. I know roses actually like clay and strawberries are shallow rooted so wouldn't be affected. Not sure about phlox but they are pretty bullet proof for me! Don't you just love a challenge?! Let me know how you get on.
2 Likes   January 3, 2014 at 10:42AM
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