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Hidden in Plain Sight: 10 Cleverly Closeted Home Spaces
Lisa Higgins | August 26, 2014 12

Tuck your home office, wine collection or even your entire kitchen behind closed doors for all of the function and none of the clutter

Light and Personality Fill a Remodeled London Home
Natalie Wain | August 26, 2014 9

Eclectic and heritage elements mix in a clever extension that adds volume without digging into the home’s foundation

Key Measurements to Help You Design the Perfect Front Porch
Steven Randel | August 26, 2014 13

Depth, width, proportion and detailing all contribute to the comfort and functionality of this transitional space

How to Create an Unforgettable Garden
Jay Sifford | August 26, 2014 14

Make an impression that will linger long after visitors have left by looking for the possibilities and meaning in your landscape

Great Design Plant: Snowberry Pleases Year-Round
Kate Bryant | August 26, 2014 13

Bright spring foliage, pretty summer flowers, white berries in winter ... Symphoricarpos albus is a sight to behold in every season

Room of the Day: Child Safety at Play in a Nautical-Themed Nursery
Becky Harris | August 26, 2014 11

A 1-year-old’s room, designed to be safe and to grow with him, nods to his parents’ Cape Cod roots

Get Turned On to a Lighting Plan
Laura Gaskill | August 26, 2014 8

Coordinate your layers of lighting to help each one of your rooms look its best and work well for you

5 Ideas for a Great Home Learning Zone
Catherine Funkhouser | August 25, 2014 10

Get your child off to a good start this school year with homework areas and strategies that reduce the frenzy

Guest Picks: Nicely Priced Glassware for All Occasions
Emily Fazio | August 25, 2014 8

Serve water or wine with equal aplomb — and without sweating a big breakage bill — thanks to these gorgeous, affordable glasses

Room of the Day: A Dining Room Makes a Dramatic Entrance
Jeannie Matteucci | August 25, 2014 13

A bold color palette and sophisticated decor set the tone for visitors to a Baltimore waterfront home

Houzz Tour: A Historic House Gets a Feng Shui Adjustment
Becky Harris | August 25, 2014 17

In a Massachusetts seaside town, a traditional home is redecorated in a playful style and with attention to flow and balance

Get a Grip on Climbing Walls
Annie Thornton | August 25, 2014 7

This fantasy home feature can be surprisingly within reach. Here's what it takes to get some climbing heaven at home

Great Design Plant: Anise Hyssop Delights Licorice Lovers
Heather Holm | August 25, 2014 16

With its distinct scent and flower spikes, drought-tolerant Agastache foeniculum stirs interest among humans and winged creatures alike

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Long wall
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