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Tanya Hajduk
I hate to just repeat comments, but this is unbelievable perfection!! I caught my breath with the first picture!
   2 hours ago
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Jacqueline McNeil
By far one the best rooms I've seen on this site. This room is beautiful but not overdone like many rooms in design magazines. It's beautiful and accessible. There are too many right things for me to even list them. I love how she mixed color, texture, scale, and placement of accessories. I will take some pointers from this one.
   5 minutes ago
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Wanda Adams
send me some of those pomegranites. My husband has cancer i want to use those!!! please.
   October 21, 2013 at 8:38PM
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Why would anyone want to divide their ornamental grasses (miscanthus is mentioned in the Northeast section) in the fall, when they're putting on their best show? I would divide my grasses in spring-early summer.
   8 hours ago
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Michelle W
Fantastic home, love it. And I think Mick has the most soulful eyes.
6 Likes   10 hours ago
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Jake Jamison
These are some good questions to keep in mind. Another one I might add, is asking what do they do in their free time. This may seem off-topic, but it can say a lot about the agent. If they are open with you and seem trustworthy, they would have no problem sharing this with you.
   11 hours ago
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Lanie Brown, REALTOR®, Martha Turner Sotheby's
Terrific list of interview questions which I would be excited to answer! #8 depends upon if the Seller followed my professional advice on setting the list price because pricing is ultimately the Seller's decision. utahskihouse, going out of town is practically part of my marketing plan. Last summer I turned in 4 contracts while I was on vacation in CA for a family wedding. The more relevant concern, in my opinion, is how an agent communicates with clients and prepares for support when s/he will be out of town. And Jake, I am in bible study Thursday mornings and I play on for brain candy! Houzzers, please let me know if I may refer you to an excellent real estate agent in your market area through my broker's global network.
5 Likes   7 hours ago
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We have a 4 bedroom house so I use one of the rooms as my office. My other half has his desk setup in a large computer nook off of the kitchen on the opposite end of the house. We are both on conference calls throughout the day at various times so there isn't even a need to close my door for silence. That is, until the kids get home from school :) It has really worked out wonderfully.
   3 hours ago
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gurukaram, Ikea now makes an automated sitting and standing desk and it is a little less than half that price. As for sitting, I found that I love to have my desk situated near the window. It helps me think out new strategies and define an idea better. But you are absolutely correct about the seating. About a month ago I finally purchased a Herman Miller 'Aeron'. Three years ago I broke my back. Even after it healed I thought I would never be without back pain again. Nothing I did seemed to help relieve the constant ache. Then my 8 year old office chair (69€) broke. I tried various chairs around the house to see if an office chair was even necessary. A friend told me that I should try Aeron because her husband has a friend who as a back injury and loves it. I began doing research and after 6 weeks invested in owning an Aeron. I have to tell you it is wonderful. It took me about a week to finalize the adjustments but it is great! The unanticipated benefit is that my constant backache has disappeared. Don't get me wrong. I sit, stand, and move throughout the day. I think I can now say with experienced authority that sitting in a wrongly positioned chair for even a short amount of time, is not good for a healed broken back.
   1 hour ago
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