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Houzz Products: Innovative Things to Make You Say, ‘Wow’
Houzz | August 28, 2014 3

Meet the problem solvers, the delightful finds and other models of great, creative design

Overnight Guests Coming? How to Be a Great Host
Laura Gaskill | August 28, 2014 265

Ensure a good time for all — including yourself — by following these steps for preparing for and hosting houseguests

Light Dances Through a Renovated Row House
Natalie Wain | August 28, 2014 4

Generous sunshine and gleaming white surfaces now highlight this Londoner’s books, artwork and minimalist furniture

Tempted to Try Wallpaper? 10 Tips for Finding the Right Pattern
Laura Gaskill | August 28, 2014 9

Before you lay down a lot of cash, sit down with this advice for getting a wallpaper you’ll love for years

Houzz Tour: Stunning Curved Architecture Rises Among the Trees
Becky Harris | August 28, 2014 13

You can see the love of nature and organic shapes at first glance. Look more closely at this Wisconsin home and you’ll also see amazing flow

5 DIY Decorating Projects Perfect for the Holiday Weekend
Catherine Macaulay | August 28, 2014 1

Spend that free day making something new and creative for your home, to admire long after the weekend is over

Great Design Plant: Foamflower Cushions Shady Garden Areas
Curtis Adams | August 28, 2014 1

Try evergreen ground cover Tiarella cordifolia for a soft look all year — one the rabbits and deer won’t mess with

Room of the Day: A Guest Room Like No Other
Mary Jo Bowling | August 28, 2014 15

Thanks to reimagined closets and creative technology, this guest room fits 2 beds and catches the eye

What Monarch Butterflies Taught Me About Garden Design
Benjamin Vogt | August 27, 2014 9

Thinking like a butterfly leads to fresh perspectives in the garden and in life

Decorating Trends: A New Houzz Survey Shows What Homeowners Want
Mitchell Parker | August 27, 2014 23

Is the TV gaining or losing ground? Are women or men trendier? Find out and learn more about people’s decorating plans right here

10 Checklists for a Well-Stocked Home
Laura Gaskill | August 27, 2014 23

Thank-you notes, first-aid kit, clear glass vases ... It’s easy to go with the flow when you’ve got the items you need at hand

Houzz Tour: A ’60s Apartment Gets a Retro Revamp
Joanna Tovia | August 27, 2014 12

With a newly open layout and colorful, era-appropriate decor, an Australian apartment gets its groove back

Make This Fall’s Garden the Best Ever
Noelle Johnson | August 27, 2014 9

Planning to plant in autumn? Learn the most important tip for preventing buyer’s remorse, plus get more valuable buying and planting advice

Help me finish our bedroom
I need help finishing our bedroom. I want the colors...
Sanciare Perry | 14 minutes ago   98
What color rug and curtain should I get?
I have grey sofas, and navy wall! I want it elegant,...
zzlovesb | 4 minutes ago   12
Remodeled Fireplace!
We covered the dated white brick with stacked slate...
BARRON Tile & Stone | 4 minutes ago   59
toilet closet
I love that our toilet is in its separate 4 x 7 space...
Beth Bourque | 4 minutes ago   8
Renovate Rather Than Relocate
Happy Clients Makes what we All Do Rewarding.
Bay Area Design of the Berkshires | 6 minutes ago   3
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