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I store a cord indoors every year, right next to the kitchen in fact. Have never found "critters".

Here's the cord partly burned (books and plants filling in the gaps).
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Zainab Mahmoud
Dear Sir/Madam

I am Mrs. Zainab Mahmoud a Syrian woman. An Industrialist and member of Syrian business women council in Damascus. Please I need your help to relocate to your country and also invest my money 9.6 million dollars in your country. Please, I want to come out of Syria as quickly as possible.

Due to the current President Bashar al-Assad protest in the country many families are running for dear lives as their soldiers are killing civilians, claiming so many lives everyday, we are subjected to persecution in this place. For your help and willingness to accept my offer, I shall give to you 15% of the total money as your benefits for helping me to receive the money.

I have to take this chance because I have no other alternative but to trust somebody.

Please I beg to gain your kind help and immediate response for help, on receipt of your information I will provide you with further details, when i receive Good Response from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Zainab Mahmoud
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We have several of these ideas incorporated into our new house. The drawer under the sink is brilliant! I wish we would have thought of that. As someone wrote above, I used tension rods in a lot of ways to organize our house. ( We've been in our house nearly 3 years now, and a few things I wouldn't want to live without now for storage are: 1) our touch-activated garbage and recycling center (I LOVE that I don't have to mess up the handle if my hands are dirty), 2) our bread drawer, where we keep not only bread, but condiments that would normally be in the pantry, like peanut butter, Nutella, and chocolate sprinkles (it's a Dutch thing). Having everything together makes rushed morning school lunch making much easier. 3) our labeled pan slots above our double oven. It's a perfect way to store large items in what would otherwise be wasted space for this short cook, and 4) my spice drawer. I cook from scratch at home nearly every night. Having a small supply of all my spices right there is so convenient. (I keep the rest of the spice containers in the freezer in our pantry until I need to restock. In three years, we haven't had any issues with spices going bad, but I go through them quickly. You can tour our whole kitchen at
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I've seen a few sleeper-chairs…great idea for tight spaces.
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I often have guests staying at my three bedroom home for a few days or longer. The dedicated guest bedroom has twin beds, and in the closet of the room I use as my dressing room and vanity area, is an inflatable double bed that can be set up easily. Anticipating needing overflow sleeping spaces at times, I had purchased a 90" leather sofa for the living room that also nicely serves as a bed for either one adult or two children, as needed. Oh, and my house is small, only about 1300 square feet. Surprisingly, this house works great for company, better than bigger homes I've had.
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