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What Monarch Butterflies Taught Me About Garden Design
Benjamin Vogt | August 27, 2014 2

Thinking like a butterfly leads to fresh perspectives in the garden and in life

Decorating Trends: A New Houzz Survey Shows What Homeowners Want
Mitchell Parker | August 27, 2014 7

Is the TV gaining or losing ground? Are women or men trendier? Find out and learn more about people’s decorating plans right here

Houzz Tour: A ’60s Apartment Gets a Retro Revamp
Joanna Tovia | August 27, 2014 6

With a newly open layout and colorful, era-appropriate decor, an Australian apartment gets its groove back

10 Checklists for a Well-Stocked Home
Laura Gaskill | August 27, 2014 8

Thank-you notes, first-aid kit, clear glass vases ... It’s easy to go with the flow when you’ve got the items you need at hand

Make This Fall’s Garden the Best Ever
Noelle Johnson | August 27, 2014 7

Planning to plant in autumn? Learn the most important tip for preventing buyer’s remorse, plus get more valuable buying and planting advice

Room of the Day: Wrapped in Blues and Silvery Hues
Becky Harris | August 27, 2014 12

Chic and comfortable, this coastal Rhode Island living room honors its classic architecture but keeps things fresh with a cool palette

11 Tips for Building a Bathroom in the Attic
Shana Ecker | August 27, 2014 6

Turn that dusty storage space into a bright, relaxing bathroom by working with your attic's quirky spaces

Light and Personality Fill a Remodeled London Home
Natalie Wain | August 26, 2014 35

Eclectic and heritage elements mix in a clever extension that adds volume without digging into the home’s foundation

Key Measurements to Help You Design the Perfect Front Porch
Steven Randel | August 26, 2014 77

Depth, width, proportion and detailing all contribute to the comfort and functionality of this transitional space

How to Create an Unforgettable Garden
Jay Sifford | August 26, 2014 28

Make an impression that will linger long after visitors have left by looking for the possibilities and meaning in your landscape

Hidden in Plain Sight: 10 Cleverly Closeted Home Spaces
Lisa Higgins | August 26, 2014 23

Tuck your home office, wine collection or even your entire kitchen behind closed doors for all of the function and none of the clutter

Great Design Plant: Snowberry Pleases Year-Round
Kate Bryant | August 26, 2014 16

Bright spring foliage, pretty summer flowers, white berries in winter ... Symphoricarpos albus is a sight to behold in every season

Room of the Day: Child Safety at Play in a Nautical-Themed Nursery
Becky Harris | August 26, 2014 16

A 1-year-old’s room, designed to be safe and to grow with him, nods to his parents’ Cape Cod roots

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