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T.G. I. Vaughn, Architect
nonprofit = altruistic is a better word to employ here
0 Likes   November 6, 2014 at 10:43AM
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I'm in the middle of a new house project. I love the design and we have a top quality builder. But the process has been an emotional roller coaster.

My main lesson has been that no one will manage your budget for you as well as you will. So don't expect the architect to make the tough decisions when it comes to prices. We've been able to shave a significant amount off the total price to keep us only slightly over our budget + contingency, but that only came about because of my aggressive management of the budget and material choices. And the project isn't done yet.

Keep a spreadsheet of architect fees, ongoing construction costs, and extra costs (such as furnishings, change orders, or move in costs).

Push back from the very beginning about any costs over budget. It's much easier to cut costs at the beginning planning stages than it is after the foundation has been poured.
0 Likes   December 7, 2014 at 10:42PM
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From the most basic to the most glamorous, a closet for good or bad depends largely on knowing what you need to store. The ruination of any closet is asking too much of it, and storing that which you do not want, never wear, or rarely if ever need. I have only one inside view below, but in the completely open to the bedroom closet below, the entire right hand side is two eight foot closets, both double hung, equalling 32 feet of hanging space. The left side, has two sets of un mirrored doors, (each of which were built right over a window which simply wears a shade!) and were outfitted top to bottom with glass shelving. One holds shoes, and the other handbags and totes! Between those, a custom -to- fit drawer base for scarves, undies, jewelry.... a mini dressing area with lamp and mirror, and at the back side is a combination of open shelving/single hang for the few dresses the client owns, and folded workout wear. And she didn't want to "see" any of it, despite she is a very organized neatnik!, so is all hanging by color which is mostly gray and black and white....and by season : )
2 Likes   1 hour ago
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Love that first photo!
0 Likes   56 minutes ago
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Le jardinet
Armchair gardening is the best winter exercise
3 Likes   January 19, 2014 at 8:50AM
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Thunder Hill Design
better than the real thing! bad for the back ;-)
2 Likes   January 19, 2014 at 10:11AM
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