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Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
10. Install a green roof. Green roofs add insulation to a home, which can help
10. Install a green roof. Green roofs add insulation to a home, which can help cut down energy costs,
the roof of the lower cabin (the yoga studio), is the initial site experience. The green roof is really the curb appeal of the property — the first facade
the design. Hook took this opportunity to treat the roof as a canvas, more so than a typical green roof, and designed it as a living piece of art, full of
Oh, and of course, they look amazing.Full story: See how to install a green roof
green roof flat roof just like my house
Feldman ArchitectureFeldman Architecture, Inc.
love this roof. Who is the architect? How much per sq ft would it cost? what is the maintenance?
I've always been interesting in "green" roofing! I'm wondering how you would repair it if it got a leak or something. Would you have to rip up the plants
other natives makes this intensive green roof right at home in this California garden.
Add-On Number 2: Green Roof Pros: Adding insulation, cooling
r runoff are just a few of the benefits of adding a green roof to your home. Planting green roofs in urban areas can also help mitigate the heat-island
on (which can be pricey depending on the size of your roof and the type of garden), a green roof may also require some structural reinforcement to support
roof garden ? que plantas usar...This would be nice for the garage roof.
North Bay ResidencePrentiss Architects
pitch on this roof and how deep is the growing medium?
What plants did you use on the roof top?
did not find the roof drainage on the roof, how does it work?
The roof was planted with mats of sedum - established off-side and simply rolled out over the roof assembly
What is the pitch on this roof and how deep is the growing medium? sorry for the repeat
Many "semi-intensive" green roofs are home to an array of plant species, including native grasses and flowers.
An “extensive” green roof, on the other hand, is a thinner, lighter, version that looks more similar to a standard roof. It can be sloped or flat. Often
A Green Roof is a fantastic insulator....natural roof - great idea....Green roof - rainfall noise reduction...Green roofs. Alpine plants are also
Walnut Woods ResidenceJohn Senhauser Architects
space (known lovingly as the “bird feeder”), providing access to the grass roof via an exterior stair. The walnut trees, cleared from the site during c
living roof-still can have a pitch and just use drought tolerant grass-very
the ones on this roof), sedums or succulents can all be good options, depending on climate and sun exposure.Tip: Once your living roof is installed — whether
The grass roof of this distinctive house certainly attracts the most attention, but the horizontal articulation of the small windows is quite interesting
what is the life of a live roof?
Vail Guest HouseCoburn Development
of the room floating over the valley below. The house also features a green roof to help minimize the impacts on the house above.
All roofs must have a proper waterproofing membrane, green roofs included.
modern. Paintbrush in green roof matrix is nice touch.
to suggest that green roofs are more susceptible to leaking. In fact, some studies suggest that the longer life cycle of a green roof is due to the protection
Lake House Two - ExteriorMcClellan Architects
The green ground cover is woolly thyme. Thanks
We used a green roof contractor. I believe the system we used was
Flat Roofing, Flat Roof Home Ideas | General Roofing Systems
Extensive and intensive roofs on the same project. The extensive green roof in the middle ground of this photo has shallow soil
may be needed when considering rooftop vegetation.Adding Interest: The green roof of this lakefront house has become part of the view from the patio. Varying
comprised of pavers laid over a suspended infrastructure with intensive green roof borders.
Environmental friendly roofs. Recycled materials, living plants, or solar paneling can be installed on existing roofs. Additional structural support
tower with door out onto green roof
EricWhitney Lyons
What maintenance is required on this type of green roof?
Once it’s planted, a green roof will extend off the master bedroom. “It’s
Once it’s planted, a green roof will extend off the master bedroom. “It’s a great place to walk out and enjoy the sunset in the evening,” says Thompson
Thompson. You can see the coast range.” The green roof will also serve as an added insulation barrier, keeping the rooms beneath it cool in the summer and warm
green roof for top of garage!!!...Could we do this on our green roof?
2 Bar Green RoofFeldman Architecture, Inc.
How to the upright supports connect to the roof itself? Does the roof have an internal frame that it can join
love the idea of having a garden on your roof. However, I have no idea how I would begin to go about turning my roof into a garden. This is such a great idea
idea and a great way to avoid having to see the sometimes ugly roof shingles. Thanks for the great picture and idea.
'Alwaysdesigning' is right about the structural support, a "Green Roof" is quite heavy. It would be wise to discuss your project with an Architect and they
to speak with a qualified Roofing Contractor. They will be able to give you a clear outline of the costs in building a roof system of this caliber. 'A
enough to support the roof. Or they will be able to tell you how to build it to meet structural building codes.
Fulcrum Structural EngineeringFulcrum Structural Engineering
Green roof / solar panels / sky lights combo
Double-duty green roof. Integrate some solar
Double-duty green roof. Integrate some solar panels, and your roof becomes twice as productive and beneficial while
is a view of House Ocho's skylights from outside. Surrounding them is a green roof. This illustrates that active solar design is typically one aspect of
Solar Panels on a Green Roof...Solar panels on a green roof....roof top garden w/ solar panels
Green RoofsNatural Balance Home Builders
Note the perimeter walkway: green roofs are typically
of a straightforward extensive green roof with flowering sedum and other plants. Note the perimeter walkway: green roofs are typically not accessible, meaning
are important for maintenance and accessing the roof to enjoy it. Let's take another look at this roof ...
Green roofs, nice stairs, clean lines...green roof with sedum buffalo grass
Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
I love the idea of growing plants, vegetation on the roof. are there big chances to have leaks into
I live in Canada and we have to be concerned anout the weight of the snow on our roofs. Many people shovel their roofs. This garden
garden is an awesome idea but how can roofs cope with the weight?
I agree! Just curious if these roofs could handle northern country winters Any suggestions?
greenery on roof to add life to outside of house
Green roof. House becomes part of the forest.
allows for access to the roofs. Sedum roofs don't need gardening help like this, but it's important to consider that green roofs slow rainwater runoff while
Is ths garden on the roof?...J: We could do a green roof. I love it!...Roof top garden? Don't fall
The vegetated roof is planted with alpine seedums and helps with storm-water management. It not only absorbs rainfall to reduce runoff but it also respires
2: A green roof is only for a green building.Certainly there are many green building certifications that award points for the installation of a green roof
Stone to wood to green roof...my grass roof, now I
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