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LG House - Kitchenthirdstone inc. [^]
we are planning to go ahead with the similar look. Please help to elaborate more on where we can buy the same
I did read all your posts and hope I did not miss this answer!
Love, Love your kitchen design! Thank you for such detailed information I love it!!! We are installing a kitchen very
fun. We have just noticed your fridge at the end of your counter, it seems like it has a built-in look. We are looking at ways to get one (24in width) so far we can see that we can fit it inside a tall akurum High cabinet frame(http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/84381110/#/94381510) and cut
quartz. We are being told it may need to be supported which in my mind wrecks the entire look of it. Love the look of yours so curious.
Parkwood Road Residence KitchenMartha O'Hara Interiors
layout we're thinking of yet for a smaller scale. Do you think this kitchen layout would work for four adults and four children if scaled back to 17-18' x 14'? We plan to have the kitchen to the front of the house at the east facing corner (windows to both northeast and east) off the entrance (where you
where did you find them? Thanks in advance for any information!
Love this kitchen!!! what color, brand, type of tile did you use for the back splash and counter tops?
Love this kitchen! What color did you use on the cabinets. They seem like the perfect white.
is: if we have the same layout, how big could the island be in our case and how much should we allow for clearance between counters and island? Thank you in advance - I really like your work!
Pulp Design StudiosBeth Dotolo, RID, ASID
Where did you get your wall art above the bed? Also, where did you get your white comforter from?
Where did you find those dreamy linens?
Is it a good idea to place a stove under a window in my kitchen?
Beautiful room! What is the ceiling height that you were working with in this room? Thank you!
colors did you use for the walls and ceiling?
Need enlarged picture & dimensions in case I have made.Live in the islands.Thanks
help when we go chair shopping. Also if you could, can you tell us where it is from? Thank you! (I also love the tone of this room, it is almost exactly what I'm looking for in a cozy bedroom to remind me of Hawaii.)
love the doors where did you get them?
pieces that we paired together to get the look we wanted. If you are not working with a designer, we would also be glad to provide you with a consulation if that would be valuable. We want your space to reflect it’s own beauty, and your style. http://pulpdesignstudios.com/client-questionnaire/ See more
San Jose Res 2Fiorella Design
where did you get the wall lights? Love them..
Where did you get the topiaries? They're so cute!
Help! We're trying to decide dark or light countertops with white cabinets
Would aged maple floors (with a natural yellow undertone) work in this kitchen decorating scheme? Also, what wall paint color would you recommend in my case?
I need to figure out the edge of my marble counter - is this edge a double bullnose? e
Also, we need something stain, water, and heat resistant, as we still have kids at home! Thanks so much!
think I need a built in fridge! And that I need to pick my handles carefully! I'm looking at midrange appliances like Electrolux and Kitchen Aid. I love the industrial handles but I'm wondering if the look of these handles is too bulky for this area? The midrange appliances don't do quite as refined
woman DID not get back to me.
love your work we have a black table i would love to put thes spiked pieces on can you
Why is the piano placed near the window area?
We were advised to keep our piano on an inner wall away from any temperature shifts in heat or cold as the piano will go out of tune as well as fade the wood over time. I do notice that in some of the room designs the pianos are place
viewing your work! Thank you.
May I ask what type of fabric was used on the sofas. I have pets so linen is not a good choice and I am searching for an alternative that would work well in a " soft modern" environment.
Where did you get the pillows
where did you get the yellow pillow with the stripes?
directly and we will be happy to give you more information. Best! Martha O’Hara Interiors www.oharainteriors.com
The Heglar's KitchenGreat Spaces!
need to change name of scrapbookneed to change name of scrapbook
need to change name of scrapbook
Love the Kitchen! Would off white cabinet work with the design?
Do the lights over the counter cause weird shadows on the ceiling? We just installed
what you did here. Thanks!!
I just finished designing the kitchen for the home we are building and love the two lanterns over the island. Do you know the island length? I want to make sure two will look okay. I think our island is 9 ft. I'd also love any info you have
We have a very narrow kitchen with no room for an island. The cooktop is currently located where your double ovens are. Would love to move to cooktop wall. Need to know minimum space to pull this look off. Thank you!
Port Credit TownhomeAvalon Interiors
ceiling re: bulkhead a stability bar was required.
How much did each one cost?
Where did you find the mirror? I'm looking for something similar.
I need to add a tub and am afraid that the beauty of the room will be compromised. Would a white tub work or should it be tiled same as floor? Thanks for your time and help.
bath? We dont have room in ours for both a tub and shower
What finish are you working with in this bathroom? Chrome, brush nickel?
because we are disabled does not mean we have to have our bathrooms look like a stall. Does Lowes stock aany walk in bathtubs that are affordable on Disability earnings? I would greatly appreciate your input . Sincerely, Tiki
We did something very similar with a bath when we removed the tub, even the tile is similar. However, instead of two glass panels which would have been a bit problematic for stability, we just did one glass door to the show and where the other glass panel is (with the bar at top) we did a walll
Lorraine ValeLORRAINE G VALE, Allied ASID
you - we have exactly the same problem with the window being too close to the wall in our family room (mistake in our reno). We've all been struggling with how to handle this with our build-ins - we have exactly same layout with fireplace etc. You're beautiful design has solved all the problems and allowed
want to re do my entire living room. . Thank You.
Where did u get the shades
i love the sofa...where did it come from? thx.
would it work with stained oak woodwork?
We have an old home with beautiful old woodwork and I would love to add this in our living room. I love the white and don't think the old woodwork could be matched if we tried that so I wondered if anyone has seen the white bookcases/whole built-in unit mixed
Pulp Design StudiosCarolina V. Gentry, RID
cleaing work for myself with this concept.
Will this steam shower and free standing tub work in a 42"x128" area or will it feel cramped in? Of course the tub has to rotate 90 degrees for this dimentions. Thanks!
We did this same concept in a smaller space - 6x7. However the contractor completely messed up the shower floor and I have standing water under the tub and near the shower side. I've spoken with three different contractors regarding how to correct - their concern is keeping the free standing tub
tub be placed flat on a drain run so that mildew, odor (from standing water) and mold do not form on the back side (against to the tiled wall) and around the base where one cannot reach to clean.
Project in TiburonJulie Williams Design
idea of placing a plasma on top of the fireplace, my worry is doesn't the fire affect things placed
fire has smoke and I feel it might ruin the tv, pictures and flowers placed next to the fireplace. Plase advise me on that, I really like the idea since it saves space, no need to buy the units for plasma
what I need. thanks....
Need instructions on changing from a wood fireplace to a gas insert
I would also like to know about materials needed. e.g. flexible exhaust and fresh air return pipe to go up chimney. Thank you
fire place? I am remodeling our fire place and really like the looks of this one. I was wondering what molding was used around the mantle and around the tv. Thanks I can give you my email if you need it.
Woodinville RetreatStudio 212 Interiors
about your work through tagging articles in the photos. Any questions I had were immediately answered and I didn't need to go scrolling to see if someone else had already asked. Thank you so much. It's just a small thing but it really made my day. :)
building and need to finalize colors for trim and kitchen cabinets. I want white cabinetry and white trim but am unsure if the finish should be the same or just the color? Thank you.
What did you use for the backsplash? It is beautiful!
Where did you buy your island lights?
Can a kitchen like this work with terra cotta tiles?
color did they use on these walls?
What color did they use on these walls?
great as we're waffling on pop-up vs hood fan. My first choice - a ceiling extractor - is turning out to be very hard to source in North America! Beautiful project overall! You did a lovely job!
Expansive KitchenGarrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.
sharing your work and your time. It is so appreciated.
Where did the chandeliers come from?
We are putting in a pot filler over the stove- love the look
With such a large island, were you able to find a piece of granite to fit the whole island or did you need 2 pieces? If you used 2 pieces is the seam very visible?
size) & needs at least a 21" cabinet. Should I use a 24" cabinet instead because that would leave about 4" to the edge of the counter? How much space should there to the edge of the counter? Thanks!
Where did you get your blinds
antiquing did you do the the cambria black quartz countertop?
i am working myself in to a tizzy over this place!!!!!!!! if only my husband was handy! love your design - i'll keep wishing!
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