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Becky Harris
August 1, 2014 3
This week on Houzz, we looked up — to specially treated ceilings and mezzanines. We looked down — south that is, to see how to get some boot-kickin’ style like they have in Texas. We learned how to keep our cool, ancient Pueblo people–style, in the garden and even when integrating a recliner into a room. We looked...
Houzz Tour: Passive House Principles, Active Benefits in Portland
Annie Thornton | August 1, 2014 5
Architect Jeff Stern has spent much of his career designing ecominded houses and buildings, so when he decided to build his own home three years ago, he naturally chose an energy-efficient approach. Instead of striving for LEED...
Houzz Tour: Scandinavian Style in a Central London Flat
Joanna Simmons | August 1, 2014 5
Cate St. Hill had already updated her two-bedroom flat in central London six years ago when she shared the space with some school friends. But when her friends moved out and her boyfriend moved in last summer, it was time for a new update to transform...
Reboot Your Child’s Room for Back-to-School Time
Laura Gaskill | August 1, 2014 13
Whether your child is just entering preschool or starting senior year, a new school year is a transition worth marking. Giving his or her room a reboot is one way to honor the growth your child has made and set an inspiring tone for the year ahead. Some...
To-Dos: Your August Home Checklist
Laura Gaskill | August 1, 2014 9
From the dog days of summer to the first days of school, August is a month of transition for many. Even if cool fall nights still seem ages away, the transition from outdoors to in is already beginning. So as your vacation wraps up and dinners begin to...
Kitchen of the Week: Style Trumps Ease in a San Francisco Loft
Mitchell Parker | August 1, 2014 31
If this homeowner wants a bowl of cereal, he must first lift a 40-pound steel ladder into place and climb up several feet to a cabinet where he stores his dry goods. The desire to preserve large windows and the lack of available wall space...
The Future of Backplashes
Fred Albert | August 1, 2014 17
Ask a kitchen designer about the future of backsplashes, and the response will be “seamless.” Seamless materials, that is. High-maintenance surfaces are on their way out, being replaced by continuous, easy-to-clean finishes without joints,...
Keep Your Cool in the Garden — Here's What to Do in August
Annie Thornton | August 1, 2014 8
There is much to be done and enjoyed in the August garden. Butterflies abound, while the magenta, burgundy and orange hues of late-summer bloomers foreshadow fall colors. Give your containers and summer edibles some love by keeping them appropriately...
9 Reasons to Pick a Patterned Lampshade
Catherine Funkhouser | July 31, 2014 19
Nothing transforms a room like great lighting. And nothing transforms a light fixture like a pretty patterned shade. Add extra sizzle to your lamp and your space — and solve some common design dilemmas — with these tips.
Houzz Products: Create a Breezy White Bedroom
Houzz | July 31, 2014 1
Help your bedroom breeze through the peak of summer by turning it into a seasonal sanctuary. From lightweight linens to ceiling fans and coastal-inspired decor, these picks from the Houzz Products section will bring an airy and peaceful feel to your room....
Time-Tested, Low-Tech Ways to Cool a Home
Mariana Pickering | July 31, 2014 13
“Only primitives and barbarians lack knowledge of houses turned to face the winter sun.” This was written by the Greek playwright Aeschylus about 2,500 years ago, referring to the then-basic knowledge that a house should face the equator to gain heat...
The Question That Can Make You Love Your Home More
Laura Gaskill | July 31, 2014 38
It’s a deceptively simple question that nearly all designers ask at the start of a project: “How do you want your home to feel?” Focusing on this question yourself can work wonders. Defining the feelings you want to cultivate in your home will give...
Objects of Desire: Recliners That Don’t Look Like Recliners
Christine Tusher | July 31, 2014 20
The image of the dad watching the game in his recliner, beer in hand (or in the built-in drink holder), may not exactly be Rockwellian — but it’s definitely an American classic. And for good reason. After all, the recliner provides a convenient solution...
Room of the Day: Spa-Like Relaxing in a London Garden
Natalie Wain | July 31, 2014 12
Shortly after the successful renovation of their 1920s home, the owners of this London property invited their architect, Lester Bennett of Folio Design, to work his magic...
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