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Creative Ideas for Space-Saving Bedside Lighting
Yanic Simard | December 17, 2014 38
When it comes to the bedroom, a lot of thought usually goes into choosing the perfect nightstand. So it always surprises me when homeowners then proceed to...
Houzz Tour: Wisteria and Light in the French Countryside
Fabienne Dupuis | December 17, 2014 40
This weekend retreat nestled in a hamlet near Versailles, France, was originally a 16th-century presbytery, or clergyman’s home. The owners called upon interior decorator Catherine Sandin to decorate their new country home in light and natural tones....
Shop Houzz: Fly High With Classic Aviation Style
Houzz | December 17, 2014
Airplanes have been flying through the skies for more than a century, ever since the Wright brothers took their first flight on December 17, 1903. We’ve been fascinated with soaring in sleek airplanes ever since — even when delays make air travel...
Light Up Winter With DIY Scented Soy Candles
Cate Holst | December 17, 2014 12
Do you appreciate a handmade gift over a store-bought item? I do. It takes time, energy and thought to tailor a gift to a recipient’s personality. And the perfect handmade gift, for yourself and others, is these scented soy candles.
Surviving the Christmas Countdown: A Parent's Guide
Alison Hodgson | December 17, 2014 53
Well, it’s almost Christmas. How’s it going? If you tried to answer that and found you could produce only a strange clicking sound and not actual words, I understand and hear you loud and clear. Back...
Houzz Tour: Limits Bring Out the Best in a Modern Lakeside Home
Nora Burba Trulsson | December 17, 2014 121
Karen and Grant Richards bought a 5-acre parcel of land between a creek and the shores of Lake Austin, in Texas, with the dream of building a home that would serve as a retreat from their busy careers in San Francisco and, someday, as a place where they...
Art in Motion: The Story Behind Mobiles
Marco Mahler | December 16, 2014 32
Most people are familiar with baby mobiles. Fewer know them as an interior decorating accessory. And even fewer know them as a fine-art form. What are mobiles? Who invented them? To start, mobiles are a type of suspended sculpture based on balance and...
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Hardworking Studio!
Annie Thornton | December 16, 2014 90
The studio may not be a room included in every floor plan, but most Houzzers crave one. It’s a space that exists for our work or pleasure, giving us room to create and take chances without worrying about spills or putting everything away before guests...
How to Make Your Painted or Stained House Feel at Home in the Landscape
Jay Sifford | December 16, 2014 49
Every house has untapped potential. Far too many of them, whether clad in brick, stone, stucco, wood or composite siding, sit atop the land in unremarkable ways, barely making any meaningful connection to it. Good landscape designers make it a top priority...
Shop Houzz: Host a Black and White Cocktail Party on New Year’s Eve
Houzz | December 16, 2014
We like black and white because it’s always fashionable and because party decor, serving pieces and linens in those hues are easy to find. Punch them up with metallic pieces in gold and silver and you’ll have a chic party.
DIY Placemats Inspired by Nature
Catherine Dupon | December 16, 2014 5
Fallen leaves and feasts are two highlights of the fall and winter seasons. Combine these joys in simple one-of-a-kind placemats you can make yourself.
My Houzz: Converted Victorian Schoolhouse Looks to the Past
Luisa Rollenhagen | December 16, 2014 38
When Maria Jackson’s husband, Thomas, put in the final bid for a stately Victorian schoolhouse in the picturesque village of Langar, in Nottinghamshire, England, the couple knew they were purchasing a piece of history. “When we saw it had come up...
Great Design Plant: Cotoneaster Lacteus
Karen Chapman | December 16, 2014 16
Parney cotoneaster (Cotoneaster lacteus) is an informal evergreen shrub that is as attractive to wildlife as it is to gardeners, particularly gardeners in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. California gardeners may want to...
Modern Manners for Conflict-Free Family Visits
Laura Gaskill | December 16, 2014 107
Where are you supposed to have Grandma sleep when you don’t have a guest room? Who controls the thermostat? Who gets the first shower? And do you have to let your brother bring his dog? Having family come to stay can be both easier (you know what to...
20 DIY Ornaments to Give or Keep
Annie Thornton | December 15, 2014 34
If your branches appear a little bare or your packages need a little sprucing up, or if you’ve swapped more cookies than your teeth or stomach can bear, consider a homemade Christmas ornament or two.
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