330 Ecofriendly kitchen Stories

Ecofriendly Kitchen: Healthier Kitchen Cabinets
"endly kitchen cabinet materials and finishes offer a host of health benefits for... their kitchen cabinets. Here are some handsome ecofriendly cabinet choices, along... Ecofriendly cabinets aren't just for tree huggers. Anyone wanting to improve their... low-VOC kitchen cabinets? Would there be any eco-friendly choices from the big stores--for... for my EcoFriendly Kitchen series, of which this is the third piece (the first two..."
How to Choose and Use Ecofriendly Kitchen Appliances
"cient kitchen appliances waste energy and money. Here's how to pick and use appliances... selecting kitchen appliances and using them more efficiently.... Utilizing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cookware in the dishwasher will spare water. It likewise... in the kitchen at hometipster.com - http://www.hometipster.com/DIY/how_to_save_en... n_the_kitchen.aspx. There are some good tips on saving energy, which helps the... designing my kitchen, interesting to hear about cooker hoods as was looking at recirculating..."
Ecofriendly Kitchen: How to Choose Flooring
"choosing kitchen flooring materials with durability and beauty... with your kitchen floor brings benefits beyond making you feel good about your selection... blog is Ecofriendly Kitchen: How to Choose Flooring. I've looked through the Flexdeck... whose kitchen doesn't look like a designer's model home. We're going with concrete... the new kitchen. It's especially kind to your feet. Please explain how concrete is..."
Ecofriendly Kitchen: Recycled Tile for Backsplashes
"for your kitchen backsplash design and go green as well, with beautiful tiles made from... these ecofriendly tiles. Sustainable tile choices for the kitchen backsplash boil... handsome kitchen tile backsplashes are proof that being kind to the environment doesn't... budget kitchen and bathroom makeover like me... @Phil, I'm thinking of doing this... -misc/kitchen-palette/ its basically a new product that allows you to have more control..."
Ecofriendly Materials: Kitchen Countertops
"in the kitchen opens the door to unusual countertop materials that are beautiful,... . The kitchen is a work space not a place for viewing. In other words a few scratches... dream-kitchen.html) Michelle: Thank you for taking the transportation of bamboo into... like a kitchen with a elevated ceiling what about american quartz? These are interesting... for our kitchen. We haven't tried them and I have heard mixed reviews. If you are planning..."
Ecofriendly Kitchen: 9 Healthy Lifestyle Habits
"These kitchen ideas can help make your cooking and eating routines better for both... of an ecofriendly kitchen remodel, but it's just as important that a design facilitates... thoughtful kitchen design can affect our health. I discussed this topic with a friend... accessible. Ecofriendly lifestyles support the farm-to-table movement and a commitment... are 9 kitchen design ideas to highlight and reinforce healthful and sustainable habits..."
The Ecofriendly Kitchen: Light Your Kitchen Right
"earth-friendly kitchens, but it's not the only one... Smart kitchen lighting goes beyond replacing your old bulbs with more efficient models... with a kitchen that's designed for flexibility and makes use of the most energy-efficient... in my kitchen. Love that I hardly ever need to turn on the lights during sunny Phoenix... like this kitchen, can avoid the shortcomings of upper cabinets. This kitchen employs... to your kitchen work surfaces. This kitchen has no lights turned on, and yet the island..."
9 Ideas From an Ecofriendly Kitchen Makeover
"this kitchen, green materials and upcycled finds create an environmentally friendly... for her kitchen remodel to be as green as possible. The kitchen also needed to be an... on the kitchen table legs, and voilà — a new kitchen table. She used the same tactic... needed a kitchen makeover, and because the owner is an environmental activist, it made... busiest kitchens I have ever been in," says interior designer Emily Prugar of M House..."
Your Essential Resource for a Healthy, Ecofriendly Kitchen
"earth-friendly kitchen counters, cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring and tile — all... in your kitchen to make your home and life a little healthier, happier and kinder to... and my kitchen looks less cluttered. You can also donate used kitchens to Habitat... a new kitchen even though we just moved it around! Your kitchen will be green if... in the kitchen also includes buying local produce, eating less meat, and not wasting..."
Kitchen of the Week: Artful and Ecofriendly in New Mexico
"lend this kitchen subtle Southwestern style... in this kitchen, the owners wanted to emphasize ecofriendly design. The clients — a... beautiful kitchen, but I think the lattice closes in the space. Am I the only one who... about this kitchen except the overhead lattice. If the hood over the cooktop is sufficient... separating the kitchen, visually, by lowering the ceiling is the take-away idea here. Lattice... in the kitchen isn't my choice but I'm about to suggest a similar idea for my 'media'..."
Kitchen of the Week: A Warm and Eco-Friendly Update
"1920s Kitchen With Reclaimed and Salvaged Materials... remodeling the kitchen was one of the first projects they wanted to tackle. The original kitchen... kitchen had been built in a galley style and was far too small to do any serious... double the kitchen space. Reclaimed and salvaged wood and glass were an important facet... gorgeous kitchen... Great article, love the use of reclaimed wood. The kitchen island..."
Guest Picks: Ecofriendly Finds for a Greener Kitchen
"up my kitchen. Most energy waste comes from kitchens, and these items would help... are not ecofriendly. Skoy is like a very durable and absorbent cloth that can replace... From an Ecofriendly Kitchen Makeover..."
Easy Green: 20 Top Online Ecofriendly Shops
"for the ecofriendly home, from organic fabrics to nontoxic paint, from the online sellers... purchases for ecofriendly versions. From lunchboxes and kitchen towels to furniture, paint... furniture, kitchen ware, etc., the majority of what I see is expensive and with the economy... on the kitchen counter.More online sources for ecofriendly household supplies:Agrarian... supplies and ecofriendly diapers, all at a steep discount (and free shipping over $49).Green..."
My Houzz: Ecofriendly and Salvaged Style in a Montreal Triplex
"researching ecofriendly design methods, then enlisted architect Vouli Mamfredis of Studio... rest into kitchen cabinetry, a dining room table, stair treads and more. Even Leroux's... bathroom or kitchen is more eco-friendly than replacing everything with organic, envir... 60's kitchen and replace with a run-of-the- mill kitchen. However after a few... recycled, eco-friendly look, rather than really conserving something. How much of what..."
Grow a Beautiful Garden With Ecofriendly Greywater
"of your kitchen faucet also comes out of your hose bibs. But do your plants need drinking... had the kitchen sink pipe to open into the garden. We attached a hose pipe for trees... behind the kitchen where the hose was let loose had a little banana plantation growing... way in kitchen (not wash water with bits of food which attracts scavengers). Also... bathroom and kitchen pipes in the basement ceilings. When I approached the Pikes Peak Regional..."
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