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Love the Cinema Room! How big is the tv?
The main TV is actually a projector screen. The projector pops down from the central ceiling coffer above the bar seating.
Typically, the logistics of customizing a design for a single room all the way across the country is cost-prohibitive. The distance issue is not such a big deal for a large project, such as a new home. The other option is to have someone in your area draw the existing plans of your space, which we could
U shaped couch with coffee table in front of big screen TV. Long table/Bar behind couch to eat & view TV.
TV Room Bar behind couch. two smaller screens
interfere with the baseball game I’m watching on my big-screen TV. Am I right, guys? The survey found that men are more than twice as likely to derive happiness from a big-screen TV than women (40 percent versus 17 percent). What’s more, the sound of a big-screen TV is three times more popular among men than
What size is the screen and what sytem is used?
where can i get to buy this screen from
Love the sieze of the screen
i would like to know where i can get this screen to buy and what is the size of the screen. my email address is dotman2107@gmail.com
Thanks for your request, at Top Ciment we specialized on Microcement Installations, this screen was installed by another company and we havent been successful on obtaining
Projector screen: can be stored in ceiling
Big bedroom and seeing the bathroom shower
love the big TV. Room looks like it needs to be a little darker for a better picture.
John Willis Custom HomesJohn Willis Homes
I like the wall mounted TV screen.
Natural wood wall. Screen on wall
A viewing room doesn't have to have special architecture. A big screen and lots of comfortable seating are really all you need (oh, and blackout shades).
February 24 in 2013. It's a great time to focus on movies. This is a gathering my kids love. This works great if you have a media room or just a big-screen TV. Make tickets and collect them at the door when the kids arrive.
contrast." The media room is a cozy, enclosed space, enhanced by ceiling runner beams. The family enjoys many movie nights in front of the projection screen.
Locomotive Ranch TrailerAndrew Hinman Architecture
the flood plain – 9 metres above the river onto concrete piers and building a new Swiss Army knife-like accessory for the trailer, complete with big screened-in verandah and a sleeping tower with an air-conditioned bathroom. This is one trailer that’s not going anywhere for a while. Houzz at a GlanceLocation:
Lori WitheyBellisa Design
Amazing picture quality - what is the projector, and screen brand?
i am also interested in the dimensions of this screen. it looks perfect! thank you
Do I have any other options to place the equipment elsewhere(it has to be concealed) and still obtain a clean screen like this one?
Add curtains and paint screened wall black and build frame for screen out of trim
the curtains on both sides of the screen
wall of the screen; things to add in the bottom
Black box around screen with pull curtains.
behind the curtain, built-in around screen
2006 showcaseWitt Construction
since I am having a screened in porch like this being built on my new home. I never see any type of lighting? jack.buchter@gmail.com
Is a high tensile screen used to eliminate upper obstructions?
Did y'all use a screen tight system to install
install the screen? Can you explain the installation details please?
What type of screening/system did u use?
We are told we need to separate the screens in sections? This shows huge sections with no separators? How is this done? Is it a different kind of screening process?
We used a great product – Screen Tight
Large screen size and light ceilings
Large screen window not to block view
Great span for the screen without a support
Gentleman's PubGarrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.
ever seen. I'd love to replicate it. My question is what are the dimensions of the room? How many seats and how close are the seats to the viewing screen/projection site? I have lots of options in my new place but the best would be a 14 x 17-4 if it would fit.
This is a 110-inch CinemaScope screen. An Elan distribution system routes high-def video from a suite of audio/video components in a nearby closet to both the theater’s Runco CineWide projector
Lighting - Screen framed in - carpentry work - paint finish on ceiling
Screen wall with cabinets , walls and lighting
Essential 2: The home theater experience. Viewing a big screen television surrounded by wood paneling from the comfort of a leather recliner — with a cup holder — is the ultimate version.
South Beach Teen RoomKathy Corbet Interiors
Color of wall and outline around screen
Play room with 90" painted projection screen. Optoma projector and Kilz primer for screen.
waves framed around flat screen and colors
The girls wanted a big-screen TV in the room, but Corbet insisted on a projector TV instead, figuring that the 4 or 5 inches a set would protrude from the wall would be enough to make the narrow space feel pinched. Sixteen-year-old Carolyn, a technology wiz, researched projection systems and selected
McLean ResidenceGruver Cooley
Question on viewing Distance and screen size
Very nice room!!. What size screen is this, and how close are the front seats to the screen? I have a the exact same size room and was wondering if I could get a bar sitting area like you
Speaker on side of screen. Stienway
dark walls, ceiling. speakers along side of screen
But the Blues are sure to score a try on the big screen in this too-cool-for-school cinema room.
blue bedroomThe Red Jet
What is the full screen clock app on the mac?
It's a screen saver called "Fliqlo"
computer screen with white trim and black screen makes modern clock
Rise and shine, sleepy heads! There's no reason not to know what time it is thanks to the big-screen Mac.Have you incorporated the iPad, iPod and other technology into your home? Please share a pic below. More: The Case for Well-styled Home Electronics
Malinard Manor - TheatreCravotta Interiors
Cover up windows, screen down in front of velvet
The home-theatreAnd finally, the classic choice of technology for film buffs. It features a big screen, sure, but the real-life mechanical curtains are adorable, too.WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU…What type of technology would you love to install in your home? If you’ve already gone high-tech crazy, was money
What is that big wooden door? Where does it lead?
How do I get a big wooden door like that one?
Create a nice seating area for the big-screen television and share light between rooms to keep the basement light and bright.
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