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It all started
more than 21 years ago with a small pick up truck, a wheelbarrow, and a shovel. Now it’s a booming business with the potential to transform the meaning of landscaping. We’re different from other Landscaping Businesses in that we work with the nature. We recycle the loam and rocks that are already abundant in your own backyard to create unique walls and lawns. This process saves you money and us time. We take advantage of the available resources to create a beautiful backyard out of materials that you already have. Our designing methods are meant to blend with nature. We capture the potential and enhance the beauty to make your yard a beautiful place to come home to everyday and enjoy.
Exeter, RI US 
Arnaldo Pestana 
513 South County Trl
Exeter, RI 02822 
License #:
R.I. 27709 

1 Review for A & P Landscaping Co

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