Arte de Origen

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Custom furniture and accessories design like boxes, tapestries, mirrors, sculptures and more
Interior Design Consultation

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United States

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Arte de Origen is a company that produces and designs unique pieces inspired by images from different Mexican and Latin- American cultures.

We incorporate these images into tapestries, boxes, furniture, mirrors, and sculptures, and we make them all by hand.

We mainly use paper, fabrics, metal, paints, patinas and lacquer with which we create unique pieces finished with wax and pigments. We use the “collage” technique to create our pieces. These are: small hand cut pieces of paper used to create each pieces design and show their handmade craftsmanship. By making them this way each piece is made uniquely. This technique is used on some of the pieces that have a wood base and the tapestries are created first on kraft paper. We do not use paint, instead we work with the original colors of the paper. We finish the pieces with a patina to wax technique.
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La Jolla, CA US 
Rodrigo Rubin 
1264 Prospect St
La Jolla, CA 92037 

6 Reviews for Arte de Origen

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