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Ben Trogdon Architects is a residential design practice founded on the belief that each project presents a unique combination of characteristics contributed by the client and by the project's specific location. We strive to design buildings that respond to and enhance both the man-made and natural environments.

Our projects are diverse. They range from custom homes and major remodels to small additions and special pieces of furniture. We offer advice on color, lighting, and finish materials. There is no typical project in terms of size or complexity. Rather, our projects are characterized by the use of indigenous materials, sensitivity to natural light, and a respect for existing environmental conditions.

Our strategy is exceptional communication with our clients. We believe listening is everything. We ask insightful questions. We get to know your needs and hopes and we adopt them as our own. We continue listening; we keep asking. And we strive to respond - with imagination, discipline and spirit.
Seattle, WA US 
Ben Trogdon 
3417 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103 
(206) 343-5306 

3 Reviews for Ben Trogdon Architects

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