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Evo circular cooktops are found in homes of foodie consumers who enjoy healthy cooking with family and friends, and used by more professional chefs entertaining more people than any other cooking appliance to connect dining audiences to a fresh-prepared food experience. Made in America, Evo circular cooktops are recognized for delivering the natural flavors of food, cooking versatility, distinct design, quality construction, and above all else, creating a social space around fresh-prepared food.
Beaverton, OR US 
8140 SW Nimbus Ave., Bldg 5
Beaverton, OR 97008 
(503) 213-5869 

2 Reviews for Evo, Inc.

Relationship: purchased several Evo grills
Project Date: October 2011
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999
June 4, 2013   Last modified: August 6, 2013     
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