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We design bathrooms, kitchens, and interior spaces for commercial and residential .

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New York, Manhattan, and Long Island.

Business Description
Passion, challenge, minimalism, exuberance... are words that Janine Dray brings to life. She has earned her clients loyalty because continually delights by respecting their personality. Her designs translate your taste and style into the best you can be. Her talent knows no boundaries. Whatever Janine is designing whether it be a pillow an armchair or rooms within your home, your expectations will be exceeded .
If you want the sun in your life open the gate to Janine Dray.

Biography :
French born and residing in the sensual heat of Morocco with her Spanish parents, Janine Dray is a women of splendor and softness. With her brush she creates the richly decorated oasis, the fine textures of sands and the purity of walls bleached by the sun.

After living most of her formative and early adult years in France as well as the mediterranean , Janine came to New York and brought with her, her exquisite glamour of her origins .
Old Westbury, NY US 
Janine Dray 
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Old Westbury, NY 11568 
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