John David Edison Interior Design Inc.

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Interior Design, Conceptual Design, Space Planning, Design Development - Working Drawings, FF&E Specification, FF&E Procurement

Business Description
Since July 1, 1990, we have been in the business of improving lives - by creating interiors worth living in. For the last two decades, we have worked on projects around the world with some of the biggest names in hospitality and development and have gained an International reputation for designing hotels, residences, condominiums, and retirement homes in great luxury. We have long associations working with architectural firms both in Toronto and the world allowing us to design for the many and varied building practices worldwide.

With many years of International experience, working on both large and small projects, we have evolved a ‘unique’ approach that tries to balance the needs of the owner with the building’s function and the architect’s vision. At the same time we strive to be a quietly strong ‘team member’ in all phases of the design, design documentation, construction and the FF&E selection process.
Toronto, ON CA 
John David Edison Interior Design Inc. 
171 East Liberty Street, Suite 200,
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M6K 3P6 
+1 (416) 359-1715 

1 Review for John David Edison Interior Design Inc.

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