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Robert Sanders Homes offers both design and construction services in the Greater Houston Area. From the first meeting to the final walk through, we work with clients every step of the way to help make the process of building a custom home as worry-free as possible.
Robert Sanders Homes works personally with each client - communicating with architects, scheduling contractors, choosing finishes and handling financing. Because we manage every project, costs stay low, construction moves quickly and the quality of work is at the highest possible level.

•We have an in house registered Architect who can provide full design services. Alternatively, clients who already have an architect may choose to bring a design to us.

•From design to completion, we will have multiple progress meetings with each of our clients to discuss design, pricing, new ideas, changes to the project, material selections, etc.

•We will have periodic walk-throughs throughout the duration of the project with each of our clients to review the progress of construction.
Houston, TX US 
Kevin Walton 
1010 Columbia St,
Houston, Texas,
United States, 77008 

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