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Business Description
Limitless has been headquartered in the Netherlands since 1980.Now with more than twenty years of brand recognition and craftsmanship perfection, our high-end furniture group is represented by luxury brands such as
Limitless, SQI and HQI

Limitless design center has attracted brilliant designers from around the world with diversified cultural backgrounds and a unified vision creating their own International style.
We maintain cooperation with Italian and German technology institutes and have obtained over 200 patents on product design with in the EU community.

Brand Identity-
“Quiet Luxury, Sensible Elegance”

Limitless brings you a luxury focused lifestyle of unprecedented quality.

Our unique perspective of modernity and luxury fuels our passion for conceptual design while maintaining a balance of form and function.

Limitless brings you a furniture brand of uncompromised detail and technological craftsmanship with innovative ergonomic design and eco friendly material and practices.
Toronto, CA 
Limitless North America 
366 Adelaide St.East, Suite 150
Toronto M5A 3X9

2 Reviews for Limitless

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