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Services Provided
Building Design, Interiors, Landscape, Drafting, Planning Department Submittals and Agency Design Approvals

Areas Served
Western United States

Business Description
MAISON ORION is a design studio based in Los Angeles. We work at multiple scales from cities and buildings down to furniture and home accessories. We are driven to make life more enjoyable, elegant and equitable.

"My passion and specialty is the creation of building and spaces that delight all the body's senses. The human experience of the world is multi-sensory, and much of our time is spent in designed spaces, both indoors and outside. Bad lighting, harsh sounds, uncomfortable seating, ugly signage, and flimsy materials attack our senses and dignity at every turn. My goal is to design places that make people feel comfortable, welcomed, cared for and loved. In this environment we are well poised to do our best work, to live life richly, foster meaningful connections and feel at peace."

Founder, Scott M B Gustafson

Certification and Awards
Los Angeles, CA US 
Scott M B Gustafson 
5341 Loma Linda Avenue #10
Los Angeles, CA 90027-4086 

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