PROjECT. interiors + Aimee Wertepny

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Business Description
Each space conceived by PROjECT. resonates with textural detail,
organic influence and the art of visual surprise.

When infused with PROjECT's singular design aesthetic, the result is customized,
authentic design that captivates the eye and engages the imagination.
Chicago, IL US 
PROjECT. interiors 
1057 N. Honore, Suite 1R,
Chicago, Illinois,
United States, 60622 
(773) 394-2979 

9 Reviews for PROjECT. interiors + Aimee Wertepny

Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2012
Project Price: more than $100,000
April 23, 2013   Last modified: April 24, 2013     
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2009
Project Price: more than $100,000
April 19, 2013   Last modified: June 18, 2013     
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