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Architecture & Interiors

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Primarily Swansea, Mumbles + Gower. South Wales. UK

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The [ Raum ] Philosophy
Advocating honest, high quality 'down-to-earth' design, [ r a u m ] in its purist form stands for integrity and simplicity as opposed to pretty, fantasy concepts.
It's all about providing good design, for real people.

The word ‘raum’ stems from a Nordic term which describes the definition of space. The literal translation means ‘room’ although the original term refers more to the aspects which create that environment; the scale, light, colour, detail, and acoustic nature of the space, giving it a soul.

Quite simply, good quality and appropriate design adds value.

[ r a u m ] follows a few simple rules in all aspects of work they are involved in:
- Understand a client's needs from instruction, being mindful of budgets and aspirations from inception- Use simple and transparent design concepts always aspiring towards high quality results
- Respect natural resources designing both responsibly and sustainably
- Adopt modern technologies and opportunities but respect relevant aspects of the existing context - modern vernacular architecture
- The manifestation of the work must be a response to the problem and have a direct and justifiable link in its solution
Swansea, Swansea UK 
91a Newton Road
Swansea, Swansea Swansea
United Kingdom 

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