Ron's Kitchen Design & Sales

2 Reviews
Services Provided
Cabinet Sales both Custom & Semi Coustom.
Kitchen or Bath design and advise
Solid Service counter top
Space planning & Floor plans
Complete installation & remodeling by my Sub Contractors

Areas Served
Boston North, Southern NH

Business Description
I will help the process of a Kitchen or Bath Remodel become more of a reality. I have the design backround to help & suggest ideas, maybe moving walls, windows, or if you are just changing out old cabinetry and want a more usefull & beautiful kitchen I can also be of great service.
I have the 3-D design software (20/20) and can give you a picture of your new dream kitchen. I bring the design process to you. I am also able to keep in touch with plans & ideas thru email to help save time & stress.
Salem, NH US 
Ron Boivin 
9 Plaistow Road, unit 11B
Salem, NH 03079 
(978) 521-5006 

2 Reviews for Ron's Kitchen Design & Sales

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