Business and Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Services Provided
Realty Growth Inc. does sales, leasing, and management of commercial properties. Investment opportunities are proposed for individuals or groups of individuals.
RGI Management provides management of residential properties, tailored to the particular needs of the owner.
RGI Lodging provides management of hospitality properties and their staff. Development of new or improvement of older properties are handled by this unit.

Areas Served
Minnesota, Rochester, Minneapolis, St.Paul

Business Description
The RGI Group is a set of entities organized in manageable units with the intent to provide our customers and potential customers with an experienced team to handle their individual needs.
Rochester, MN US 
Bucky Beeman 
975 34th Ave NW, Suite 350
Rochester, MN 55901 
(507) 322-3828 
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1 Review for Business and Commercial Real Estate Agent

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