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Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design
Caulking the back edge of pedestal sink near wall?
Is it common practice to caulk the back edge of the sink to the
installed, but I found the caulking at the back edge of the sink to look a little funny and not quite right because the caulking extends over the side and
creeping under the silicon. The plumbers explained that it needs to be caulked in order to for it to be up to code. Thanks for any insight.
seal such that water does not constantly drip down the back wall? Does caulk look okay?
"Does caulk look okay?" Maybe it looks OK however caulk it is not the best choice! Caulk is water based acrylic and it macerates
better bonding and doesn't macerates once is cured. The only benefit of caulk is: You can over-paint it.
The Beaverbrook Master Bath
Did you caulk your shower glass? We just installed a similar shower and the installer did a terrible job caulking. Was curious
curious if you caulked your shower? It is beautiful!!
Caulk & Shower Glass...No caulking necessary.
The Mirror Gallery, Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom
just the picture but the to of the crown molding doesn't look like it's caulked-seems like there's space up there..If this is true can you tell what is
Is simple caulking used for the transition from tile to wall?
molding on the wall, what fills the gap where the two meet? Is it simply caulk? Thank you so much. SL
Hello again! I am apologize for the delay. We use caulking that is made for wet areas. Good luck with your project! - Julie Holland
Martis Camp #246
Weatherstripping and caulking. The first step in getting the most out of your current windows and doors is to plug any air leaks. Caulk inside and outside
Weatherstripping and caulking. The first step in getting the most out of your current windows and doors is to plug any air leaks. Caulk inside and outside
Quiniscoe Homes Ltd.
that all horizontal lines are caulked, I assume that Z flashing is not used. Will weather and degradation of the caulk be a problem eventually?
No flashing was used. The caulking used was PL200 and then it was painted. There has been no degrading or
pl200 caulking
Marin Bungalow
Feldman Architecture, Inc.
installed. Then you need to decide to caulk or not....depending on who you talk to you will get different answers. If you caulk, it will look good for 6 months
months but once the wood contracts and expands under heat, the caulking will pull away from the wood and you will have a heck of a time ever getting the boards
boards to look nice again in the grooves..we opted not to caulk & applied 2 top coats of Benjamin Moore Decorators White. Between all that primer and
Contemporary Fireplaces
front, but on the side where stone meets the wall, they used alot of white caulking and does not look good. Curious what was done here and side photo would
keep the walls smooth and reduce the caulking joints. The Marble Institute of America guideline is for a 1/8" max caulk joint. Hope this helps! David
Cheryl D & Company
Did you caulk the counter top on the sides where it meets the wall?
that is going to meet the wall on one side and I am wondering if should caulk this. the backsplash will be tile as this is.
Yes, it was caulked with clear silicone.
Cubbage Kitchen 7
Cameo Kitchens, Inc.
Ceramic Tile Floor 17" x 17" Morlupo Quintana Field Tile Camel Sanded Caulk & Floor Grout ...
4" Morlupo Umbria Insert 3" x 12" Morlupo Bullnose Quintana Camel Sanded Caulk &
Morlupo Quintana Field Tile 2" x” “Morlupo Quintana Field Tile Camel Sanded Caulk & Floor” “The backsplash tiles are beautiful where can I buy them?” “Go
HBC Company
panels are then applied with a blind caulk to the grid. The final step is to use a high quality polyurethane caulk to finish the seams. The seams should
Love this look. Match caulk in the seams.
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