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Creeping ThymeThe Garden Consultants, Inc.
It does resemble Alyssum, but is actually Creeping Thyme.
Creeping Thyme as a ground cover....you can walk on it.
varieties of Creeping Thyme with different coloured leaves and width of spread, so choose one that suits the space you have available.
2. Creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum), USDA zones 4-8. This is a plant that does well in full sun, so place it in a hot, sunny path. Like the thyme you're
has rounded leaves and a wonderful fragrance. But unlike its counterpart, creeping thyme grows nice and low to the ground (usually not more than 2 centimeters
8. Creeping Thyme (Thymus praecox) This low-growing form of the common herb only grows
Gold ShowersLinda Daley
creeping jenny - lysimachia nummularia 'aurea'
Creeping Jenny is the perfect way to add a big expanse of lime to a garden. Beware, though: Creeping Jenny can go a little crazy
Creeping Jenny(Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’)Creeping Jenny will keep its bright chartreuse color for several
Easily identified by its fluorescent green foliage, golden creeping Jenny will grow in sunny spots as well as in the shade. Its small ruffled leaves will
Drager Garden rear garden in MayDavid Feix Landscape Design
Common names: Golden creeping Jenny, moneywort, golden pennywort
golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea').
How to use it. Golden creeping Jenny is a natural ground cover choice where it can be left to run wild: a backyard bank, along a path, or even near a stream
stream. Because golden creeping Jenny prefers moist soil, this is also a great plant to use in a rain garden.
long into the evening.One of the best plants to use for this is golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’), shown here, with its fresh acid-yellow
What plant is this creeping over the stones?
Use of creeping jenny between rocks of control erosion
Creeping Jenny Yellow! This is the answer to everything!
Botanical name: Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'Common names: Golden creeping Jenny, moneywort, golden pennywortUSDA zones: 3-9Water requirement: Medium to
ed garden. The rocks must be sizable — like these planted with golden creeping jenny — and may also be used structurally to hold a slope or create steps
creeping jenny for banks, zone 3-9
Creeping thyme plants with old bricks walls or stones
another view of the same yard, these flagstones are surrounded by a carpet of creeping thyme (Thymus praecox articus) and bordered by colorful blue chalk sticks
to the back yard with creeping thyme...Pavers with creeping thyme...?...groundcover "Creeping Thyme"...Creeping thyme...Creeping thyme?...flagstone surrounded by creeping thyme...creeping thyme!! In another view of
Chic Urban ForestSozo Landscape Design
creeping juniper--will it grow in Lake Tahoe
Botanical name: Juniperus horizontalisCommon name: Creeping juniperOrigin: Native to the northern U.S.Where it will grow: Hardy to
interest: Year-roundWhen to plant: Spring to fallDistinguishing traits. Creeping juniper does just as its name implies, spreading at a medium growth rate
Creeping juniper - good for erosion?...creeping juniper on side of house
Circle Oak Ranch GardensForm and Foliage
at that. Blue Chip creeping juniper, shown here, has a wonderful blue color with incredible texture.
colorful one at that. Blue Chip creeping juniper, shown here, has a wonderful blue color with incredible texture.
Think of creeping juniper as an industrial-grade carpet for your garden. It will help your garden to shine.
Creeping juniper (J. horizontalis cvs, zones 3 to 9) is a tough, drought-resistant
making it useful as a ground cover — and a colorful one at that. Blue Chip creeping juniper, shown here, has a wonderful blue color with incredible texture
planted in our color palette of blue, chartreuse and burgundy.Think of creeping juniper as an industrial-grade carpet for your garden. It will help your
creeping jennyjennshack
golden creeping jenny. lysimachia nummularie "aurea". ground cover.
Keep it growing. While its rapid growth rate makes golden creeping Jenny a lifesaver in some gardens, it can be a burden in others. This cultivar is much
Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea') is an old favorite in any garden
Garden StepsDanielle Johnson
Golden creeping jenny and blue fescue grass? In rock garden
creeping jenny between the rocks need to irrigate likes things
Sparsely planting creeping Jenny along a path allows its spreading strands to elegantly cascade over rocks and walls, or simply trail along the ground
gravel, creeping jenny and blue fescue
(Creeping rosemary). A hardy, fast-growing evergreen shrub, creeping rosemary has a prostrate habit and attractive flowers and fragrance. Dark green leaves
Plant spilling over wall is creeping rosemary
officials 'Prostratus' - creeping rosemary.
That is the creeping Rosemary....Creeping rosemary...Creeping rosemary!...Gate, creeping rosemary
Entry StepsMAGDALENA & MGS Architecture
I like the creeping juniper for ground cover.
Creeping juniper...Creeping juniper along walkway...Low, creeping conifer with rocks...creeping juniper for streetside...creeping juniper [low juniper]
Northern Arlington ResidenceScott Brinitzer Design Associates
creeping lilyturf(liriope),periwinkle,creeping thyme or snow in summer
other low growing plants: creeping lilyturf (liriope app
creeping lily turf (zones 5 to 9) in picture, or periwinkle (catharanthus roseus, zones 4 to 9), creeping thyme (thymus praecox,
is creeping liriope different than the one I have growing
Some ground covers will tolerate a small amount of foot traffic, too. Creeping lilyturf (Liriope spp, zones 5 to 9), shown here, has a lush, grass-like
conditions — might include periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus, zones 4 to 9), creeping thyme (Thymus praecox, zones 4 to 9) or snow-in-summer (Cerastium tomentosum
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