Basement suite reno...
June 1, 2014
Tiny kitchen! I need to replace the countertops anyway, and am considering a remodel at the same time- would you place the counter, sink, stove and fridge in the same spots? The kitchen is just over 9 feet wall-to-wall (that's the countertop length) and 11 feet long. Should I go for a bar counter idea, or should I just get a different table/chair setup? For reference: I am standing with my back against a bearing wall, to my right is a door going into the bedroom, to my left a door exiting the suite to the common laundry area, and in the wall behind me is an opening going into the rest of the suite. Thank you!!
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Depends on a few things. The blue soffit over the upper cabinets - is it functional, or is it just filler? If it could be removed, you could pick up taller cabinets for more storage.
If you could do that, it might make sense to have a smaller sink and a small dishwasher, rather than the double sink.
You also might benefit from either shelving or cabinets to the left of the refrigerator, perhaps the microwave could go there, giving you more countertop space.
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The blue is just filler, actually. Great idea with the microwave!
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How large is the opening on the load bearing wall. Can we see a picture of that wall pls?
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Sorry these aren't the greatest photos- I'm not at home right now! I sent a couple photos I do have- The opening is a 32-inch door width that's only 76 inches high, the photo is from the little hallway behind the opening ( you can see back into the kitchen). I wish I had a photo to send you of that wall from the kitchen side- it is about 5 feet long and I painted it deep red with a textured marble-look effect. I'll send a photo of it next time I'm there.
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Send pics when you can. I was wondering if there was room there for freezer? Then fridge could be moved down. I also noticed your bedroom post, I'm going to pop over there.
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Great, will do! One thought I had was to look into an L-shaped countertop to increase workspace, and perhaps putting in a small dishwasher. Do fridge and stove stay side-by-side? (it looks pretty tacky, no?)
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Hopefully we can make room for a dishwasher, and more counter space. If freezer is moved down, fridge can be moved also and then more counter! I'm optimistic you can make some nice improvements.
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Here's the update from last time: I replaced the flooring with richer (darker, brown- reddish mesquite flooring). My best idea so far is to put a dishwasher under the window against the right wall with the sink next to it. I found a narrower stove so it won't take so much space, and found 24-inch cabinet, thinking I could put it between the stove and the fridge. Maybe the freezer isn't necessary... I thought of giving it to my parents.

Any better ideas? :) I'd so appreciate it! And once the design i figured out decorating ideas are always welcome- the space is a little strange after all!! The red wall was great with the old flooring, but perhaps now it time to get rid of the red wall?

Here are photos of the red wall that was behind me when I took the first kitchen photo, and the door that is to the left of the red wall, beside the fridge/freezer. To the right of the red wall, there is a doorway going into the bedroom (sorry its hard to see).

Any ideas are welcome! Thanks a million!
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Please get rid of red wall , don't you want neutral?
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Great use of space if you were sable to get a dishwasher in there!
I agree, the red wall should be changed. A light neutral throughout space will make it seem brighter and roomier. Don't paint trim dark either, it stops the eye and room appears smaller.
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Dear PGteach and Marlene, thank you! I really like the way you guys just say what you think. I do like neutrals and am ready to see the red wall go. I did like the way the wall (which is textured, hard to see here) brought a sense of youth and fun to the space (I had students living there at the time), but I agree its time has passed. I bought new trim (white!) that I'll paint up, try painting the walls white.

Any suggestions on decorating that back wall then? The opening, as you can see, is lower than normal. It is part of the kitchen but because of the three doorways I can't really put anything large against it, but I don't like it looking just plain either. A design? Maybe a large painting or series of prints? Or a number of smallish mirrors?
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I can see the texture, and the size of the wall, and think it should be same colour as other walls.
I have a couple of paint suggestions for you that might look nice as a basic wall colour throughout the suite. Both look nice with white trim. As far as the red wall, I think a collection of small mirrors or some art would be nice there. What I did one time on a strict budget was I framed some Ikea art cards. They are 5x7, and I framed them in simple black 11x14 frames, matted to the card size.
Edgecomb Gray HC-173
Natural Cream OC-14 by Benjamin Moore
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Keesee and Associates, Inc.
There's a lot of great ideas, musicallyyours! I agree that a neutral wall would be a great improvement. Also, I noticed that you had two types of flooring in the earlier photos of your kitchen suite. When you replaced the flooring, did you only change one type or did you simplify the room with one type of flooring all the way across?

On the freezer, if you don't think you need it anymore, I would definitely consider giving it away. It takes up much needed space in your adorable little kitchen. Then you would be able to move the fridge down a bit, and double your counter space on that side of the kitchen.

Removing the filler and getting taller cabinets is also a fantastic idea! It would give you so much space, and the taller cabinets will make the room feel larger.

With your tight space, I would consider a folding table attached to the wall, too. It would look great to have a table like this that folds into wall art when it isn't in use: Verena Lang Picture Table

But if that's too expensive, you can find a great set that is wall mounted and allows the chairs to tuck in beneath it almost entirely. This lax series wall-mount table would look great in a neutral room with your current cabinetry. LAX series Wall Mounted Table Something wall-mounted that is a little more permanent that your current folding table might add some sophistication to the room and give it a less "temporary" look.
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Novel Remodeling
I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest i like to share with you. It shows you have a small kitchen and it requires more attention. Smaller rooms need to be designed for functionality and of course look. For help in California, look to us in Los Angeles County

#kitchenremodeling #smallkitchen #kitchendesign
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Hello- thanks for the ideas- I love the open shelves! I actually just sourced cabinetry that is white as well as a paler countertop which I hope will brighten up the room somewhat :) I'll attach a photo when it is installed!
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Novel Remodeling
You welcome! Love to see it when its finished
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White cabinets and open shelves would be lovely! Please post updates.
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will do! :) I've so appreciate your ideas and help!
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