what are the guidelines for wall mounted faucet and sink placement
June 1, 2014
what are the guidelines for wall mounted faucet and sink placement?
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I'm not sure what you mean. You would just have to make sure the spout reach of the faucet works with your vessel. (Also note, wall mount faucets can be 8" spread, or single handle.) It just depends on your space, vessel and style.
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Speedie Dee
What about how high should faucet be above sink and how far should the tip of the spout reach out into the sink?
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Wall mount faucets have the benefit of being able to be mounted as high or as low as you want. This gives you complete control over how much height you have between the spout of your wall mount faucet, and your sink.

You have to factor in what type of faucet you choose to buy, and the flow/force of it's water flow. For example, if you are choosing a waterfall type of faucet, I'd keep this lower/closer to the vessel, since the water flow is not forceful.

As far as spout reach goes, you definitely want to make sure it reaches the inside of the sink (this is obvious... but you'd be surprised). You'd also want to consider how wide your sink is (front to back). I personally like symmetry, so I'd center the sink within the counter top, and pick a faucet based on the sinks placement).

It also depends on what the sink is used for. If it's just a powder room, the spout can go a little deeper into the sink. If you will be washing your face, I'd want the spout back, so I don't hit my head on it when I bend down to splash water on my face.

There is no rule of thumb. I would pick out either the sink or the faucet first. Whichever one you fall in love with, and cannot live with out. Then find the other component based on the first items specs & function. And install them based on your desired look and function.
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For a wall mount faucet that's 8 3/4" long, such as the Kohler Purist K-T14415-4, to be used in the master bathroom - so yes, there would be face washing - how would you place the faucet and what size of undermount sink would you use? How high should the faucet be from the counter top and how close should the sink be to the wall, to minimize backsplash? What dimensions would you recommend for the sink? We prefer a rectangular undermount sink or square undermount sink over a round or oval one. But between the rectangular and square, which would work well with the 8 3/4" faucet? Is there a rule of thumb on this, e.g., does the size of the countertop (and/or bathroom) determine which shape would be best?
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