Living/dining area design
dupssJune 4, 2014
We have just moved into a new home. The walls of the living area are yellow/cream and the tiles are white with black flecks in them and surrounded by a border of black tiles. I am trying to avoid going with a black and white theme

I am allowed to repaint and want a warm and cozy space for my husband and I and kids when we have them. I am stumped on how to bring this together with the tiling in the space.

Open to suggestions on transforming this space. Many thanks
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Ps: ignore the furniture. It's temporary till we decide what to do
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I think the tile is one of the most versatile ones I've seen. You can do a lot of things with your space. The ceiling is gorgeous. The pics I posted were for the overall feeling.
I am not a big fan of plain black&white but it can be cosy with the right textures. (Ignore my english, I hope you get what I'm saying, I'm from Greece)
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Thanks xrusou. Getting some inspirations already. The third one with the yellow accents in particular. Understood you clearly.
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Beautiful light floors make a nice blank slate. I'd start with some rugs and take color cues from them.
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Thanks apple pie. I'm wondering if I need to factor in the black border when choosing colours. I would have loved to go with creams and oranges or greens but wondering if the black would stick out awkwardly
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I think you do need to factor in a bit of black, but it can be as simple as a single throw pillow on a chair or black picture frames. This versatile floor can go with any color palette you choose. Don't be afraid. You can make this a stunning space.
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Thanks groveraxle. Sounds like a good way to incorporate the black without overpowering the room. Was getting worried about getting it wrong but I'm definitely encouraged now
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Dezign With a Z
Wow, a blank canvas! This space should be so much fun decorating! You could use your neutral black couches and neutral furniture colors but add a pop of color here and there (a couple of pillows for instance). Also, a rug would help add warmth to the room.
Have you thought about adding art to your wall? You can add a statement mural or a nice looking canvas as well. Not sure which style you are going for, but here are some suggestions:
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i don't know if it's true, I haven't done it yet, but I have heard that a color should be repeated three times in any size in a place. (for coordination)
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