Travertine tile in shower?

mjdeutschJune 7, 2014
We are putting Travertine tile in our kitchen and main living areas in an open concept home. We have a lot of it, and are trying to figure if we want to use it in our master bathroom, cut into smaller tiles to wall the shower area. Is this ok? Beyond sealing it well are their maintenance issues to be considered? If we use it on the floor of the bathroom what would be alternatives for the surface inside the shower that would match? I am hesitant to introduce too many surfaces in such a small space.
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I used large (16" x 16") travertine squares in my master bath on the floor of the bathroom and the walls of the shower. While it does look lovely, I would caution you that it is quite SOFT, and is very easily scratched and stained!
My brother used something to clean the shower - I think it was just regular alcohol-based window cleaner - and it left a permanent dull area where it puddled on the sill.
Then my plumber scratched the floor something awful when he picked up the toilet and set it on the floor, and then apparently dragged it for about a foot. I don't know if there were screws exposed under the base, or what, but I've tried and can't get rid of the scratches.
Next time, I will use porcelain tile made to look like travertine!
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I might add that I used a tiny tile for the floor and trim of the shower in a coordinating color mix, and it does look very nice.
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Thank you for responding and for sharing these photos! I guess it's best not to use them in the bathroom, or in more places than we were originally planning. I had read reviews that said travertine was a great surface for high traffic .... I guess we will just be sure to keep it well sealed and hopefully that will help?
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We have used travatine is are bathroom and we love it. No problems. Use a good sealer and you will be happy
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Thank you, that makes me feel a little better!
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We used 16x16 travertine on the shower walls and the floor of our bathroom and the tile on the floor cracks very easily! Luckily, the cracks blend in for the most part! However, I would never use the travertine on floors, but would use on shower walls again...
Hope this helps.....
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We have the 18"x18" travertine tiles already, just waiting for the demo to finish, so we are using them ... I guess we will do a good seal and hope for the best, and that the cracks will blend. This is stressing me out a bit though, because I had read several sources saying it was a great surface for kids and high traffic, etc. This question was more about having the tile in the bathroom but has brought up other issues I didn't think I had!
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