Kitchen/Laundry renovation design ideas needed
June 7, 2014 in Design Dilemma
My kitchen needs a make over. i want to include the laundry as part of my kitchen to increase my kitchen area.The wall on right into laundry can be removed but not the left. ? use open cupboard as pantry. Put fridge where pantry is now. I need washing machine in cupboard for noise control, don't need dryer included. i want fresh white simple style. Do you go all the way to roof with cupboards? also is it a good idea to have bench go up into box window. thanks
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I'm not sure I follow your current layout or understand changes you want to make. I don't see the bench you mention in any of your pictures. (Although maybe that is just "me" and it's getting late…)

I do think you have skill at making the most of a space and I agree keeping things simple and white gives a good look---even before any remodeling. You have a good eye.

It seems to me that the wall that holds your stove could have some cabinets without seeming overcrowded. Yes, I would go as high as possible with cabinets. Higher means more storage and more storage is always good… With white color, I don't think cabinets will overwhelm the room.

I suggest you please do take objects from anything that isn't all the way up. I don't think "decorating" the tops of bookshelves, or cabinets, is ever a good addition. You have nice objects on the shelves---you want attention there, not way up on the top. (Just my opinion)

Your window looks good to me without any window treatment. Keeps with the simple-uncluttered look, which is so good for your kitchen.

I love the warmth of your hardwood floor, contrasting with the white.

Please post more explanation and photos so your questions will be more clear. I think it will be fun to follow your decisions and see your project evolve.

Happy Decorating!
June 7, 2014 at 8:38pm   
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Thanks sally. As you walk into the kitchen from the lounge turn right and you look into the laundry. i want to use the laundry as an extension of my kitchen.see new photo with my messy fridge. The wall on the right beside fridge can be removed. Just thru the opening into the laundry is a hot water cupboard(that i wont be needing) i posted a photo of the door open previously. I have also added another photo of the laundry. Hope this helps.. It was suggested to me to run the new bench top up into the box window, that is the bench i mentioned.
I am planning on removing all the kitchen and starting again.
Great to get your comments.
June 7, 2014 at 9:19pm   
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I was hoping for some layout suggestions, thanks
June 7, 2014 at 10:16pm   
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A dimensioned floor plan is needed to make informed suggestions.
June 8, 2014 at 6:22am      Thanked by aldrea1
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Yes, measurements would help. Thank you aldrea1 for other explanation, though. That helps too.

It sounds like you are going into a total gut-job! I love this! Great opportunity for your creativity.

Also, it looks like you have a petite sized stove. With total remodel you can upgrade to a standard size range. Is this part of your plan? Are you going to replace any appliances?

It would be good for you to keep sink and stove in original locations. It is complicated to move the stove's exhaust fan and the sink's plumbing. Not impossible, but probably $$$$$$$ and a lot of hassle….

So, I would start planning with those items--stove and sink on current walls.

Wherever you put your refrigerator, it would be best to be sure side view is hidden. If refrigerator stays in current position, you could make peninsula a little smaller, so wall on the right of kitchen entrance could extend further and hide refrigerator edge----Or, move refrigerator to another location… Not too far from sink and counters, though. That would cause you inconvenience. You want a work triangle with not that many steps in-between.

Do you currently have a dishwasher? Or are you planning to add one? Not much creativity in placement of a dishwasher---needs to be near water source and drain..

Are you doing the work yourselves or hiring a contractor?
June 8, 2014 at 11:41am   
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Thanks Sally. We are replacing all appliances and we do have a single dish draw under the sink . I agree on leaving all those things in the same place, perhaps moving fridge to where my pantry is now. We have a local builder and a kitchen place doing the job. I have to come up with a layout and just thought i could get some suggestions and of the handy types of draw combos etc there are these days for kitchens. I am working on getting a plan of the layout with measurements.cheers
June 9, 2014 at 1:48am   
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I have the floor plan, any suggestions for layout for kitchen, using the laundry as an extension of kitchen but also housing a front loader and tub. Hot water cupboard is no longer needed? could be a pantry.
June 9, 2014 at 11:20pm   
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