New (old 1929) house long narrow room
June 8, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We are moving into this beautiful house and I have 2 dilemmas! How to decorate and use this room(pictured with red walls) that is attached to the living room(neutral/tan walls). There is already a dining and sunroom(#2 dilemma). I'm thinking, since TV is on otherside that it would double as computer/study or bar /study /computer area. This is a house that has all original windows and flooring from 1920s so I don't want to change that!
The sunroom(somewhat yellow room photo) is attached to the kitchen, and we wlll be adding pergola and outdoor kitchen. But I need a room additionally for my son to watch/play video games, so I thought that could be a good area.
Here's some pics. Note these are realtor photos and not my furniture!! Any ideas are appreciated!!
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The far-back part of the red room looks like it would be a nice nook to keep toys and have a spot to play while keeping the area by the fireplace for reading. I'd flank it with 2 chairs. It would be cozy for adults as well as a storytime place. Only thing is that the mantle over the fireplace looks too high. Gorgeous home. I wish you many years of domestic bliss!
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M Rene Designs
Funny, but I was thinking exactly what rainymorning wrote, then read it! LOL Your home is just beautiful. I second the emotion . . . use the red room partly as a reading room, office, for relaxing and study. Here are a few nice chairs & area rugs that would work as well. Can be purchased / shipped out of & ENJOY!
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M Rene Designs
Here are a few more chair ideas, also out of
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It could certainly be a combination study/play room.

I'm just happy to read you're keeping your original windows! That made my day! :0)
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Keesee and Associates, Inc.
karliehart, it seems like you're off to a wonderful start! You have a great space and great ideas. You can definitely use those rooms the way you were hoping. I almost can't see the "dilemma" here :)

Could you post some more photos of the furniture you do have to work with, or give us an idea of what you're still missing so that we can give better suggestions? Maybe even some suggestions on the style you want to achieve?

I looked through your ideabooks, and it looks like you're choosing great inspiration photos for the spaces you have. On a side note, I just painted an accent wall of Sherwin Williams' Aqueduct in our guest bedroom in a similar tropical blue-green tone like the ones you've been posting. I love how it livens up the space and pairs so well with neutral accents!
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Junky Fresh
OMG! What a great home! you got some great ideas for placing chairs here. Im in love with the idea of adding a small bar in front of or in between the windows in front of the fireplace!
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Wow! This is so cool! I didn't think anyone would respond! I like all ideas and suggestions! My son is 16 and he has Aspbergers so with the way this house is since he plays games on tv and we watch tv to relax once and awhile, I don't want him up in his room and different levels so thus Dilemma for sun room?/tv room. Where tvs don't compete but we are somewhat close by each other! Getting married but we are going from Tuscan house and contempt. We want to enjoy the old as we grow old!!(Not old yet !!)Anyways I will show some pieces I have to work with but we can buy new pieces or make things! Just hard to do ur own space !We close in July!
We like idea of bar and study the room (red) is approx. 10x27 with one end being an entry from back. However there is another entry to back on other side from sun room! Love ideas and pcs and any other advice!i'll send pcs of what have tomorrow
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Finally uploaded photos of what I currently have if anything strikes a wow use that!Let me know! My fiancé and I combined houses a year ago and now are moving into the home above! So in 3 years I've decorated moved 3 times! Hopefully this is last but hardest because I want it to look great!
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Junky Fresh
Hi karlie! I like that tufted oversize chair or loveseat at a diagonal for your space near the fireplace and the bar you already have should fit in nicely as well.
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Keesee and Associates, Inc.
Karlie, it looks like you have a lot of dark furniture, unless it just appeared darker in your photos. That could work since the home you're moving into has great natural light. Just be sure to blend those dark and light tones together as you decorate.

It looks like you have some nice furniture, but you may want to wait until you close to move forward with design choices. It's much easier to move furniture around and post photos for suggestions, especially if you would like to use what you have first. That will help you figure out what fits and what you still need.

My husband and I just moved into a new house, and our expectations for each room / the furniture we'll use has changed a few times already. There's a big difference between what you think will work or fit in a space and living with your furniture in your space. Even though something may work several ways, living with it and realizing how your family fits in that house may change how you want to place things. Just a thought!
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