What else can I add to complete the look? Master bedroom

Martha VillarrealJune 9, 2014
This is our room. My husband recently painted this very light pale blue color. Im going to be buying new lamp shades, but I have to use these lamps because we are in a budget. What color can I paint these lamps? What else can I add?

I also need to paint the nightsands and dresser! Need color suggestions please :)
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I would paint out the nightstands a glossy white to match the dresser.
Paint the lamp stands an antique silver with a matt finish
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you have a lot of things going on here. there seems to be a mix of some traditional elements ( pictures, beige pillows) with some modern ( white dresser) and some cabin mexican flare (rug). what is your inspiration? what feel do you want from the room?

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Paint all the furniture including bed head white gloss. Put a mirror above the bed and get a chair and drape the throw rug at the end of your bed over it
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Martha Villarreal
I will try the mirror above the bed. Im willing to try other things as well. The last thing i am is a decorator!!! Lol. I appreciate everyones help. :)
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I am seeing a a traditional leaning in the way you have put things together, and so am suggesting a few colours for you. The base shade of your polka dot pillows would be a good colour to tone down the low dresser, and provide neutral support for a nice piece of artwork above. You might use either it or a tea stain shade for a box bedskirt, as well.
If you prefer a more traditional look, you might paint the bed stands to match the headboard. If you would like to push the colour scheme a bit more , try a deep blue instead, both there and on the high boy . Basic black on the lamps will add a wrought iron look, and give the lamps a bit more heft. ( If you want to play up the eclecticism more, you might try a royal purple on the lamp bases.)
Keep on the lookout for a wider piece of artwork for over the bed.
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Ths program doesn't allow for exact colours, but will give an idea:
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Hello! I think you have nice colors, but they seem a bit too far apart to look pulled together. I think your rug is your starting point, and go from there.

I suggest a matte black on the headboard, night stands, chest, and a gloss black on the low contemporary dresser. The paint will unify the furniture of different styles. The gloss black will keep the dresser in its contemporary style.

Add an ivory matte lasse quilt in the light cream of the rug. Then, replace the two small tan polka dot pillows and gray center rectangle with 2 square red and blue Kilim southwest style pillows to help bring out the style of the rug. Get the 2 more colorful blue/red ones on the right photo - they come in an 18" square, even though the photo shows only rectangle). Leave the red comforter at the end of the bed! :) (grandinroad)

Add a small scale transitional leather chair by the long dresser and window, with a small drum table to hold coffee and a book. Add a Kilim rectangular pillow in the chair. the small tan Kilim with some color in the photo on the left (grandinroad)

If you can, add a small navy leather bench at the foot of the bed. (grandin road)

Then, I would paint out the lamps in a bronze/copper tone, with texture. It's a cheap spray paint at Wal Mart! Looks awesome for next to nothing, and will go with small drum table. Get a burlap or rough linen looking tan shade for each lamp. They should match, to tie them together.

Leave your navy curtains. They will go nicely with rug and pillows.

Over the bed, maybe ask Santa for artwork. I'm going to show different styles, based on your personal design choices.

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The pictures above show light blue walls with matte black bed. Sweet!
Here's a few more images for ideas. Sometimes you just need ideas. Please let us know what you like or what direction you go. Good luck! :)
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