What can I do with this ugly concrete to make it look better?
June 10, 2014
Looking for a low budget idea.
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First pull all the weeds from the cracks. Power washing might even the color out more by removing some of the dirt. Honestly the shattered part should be taken up and repoured, but that would contrast with the existing parts so for best results the entire area should be re-done at the same time. After a good powerwash (they have various stuff that can be used to clean concrete - look it up as driveway cleaners to get rid of oil stains) you should be able to treat the cracks with something to prevent weeds from growing there for a few months at a time. If you don't want to replace with new concrete, check into what doing it with pavers would cost or decide if you want to keep it at all.
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Should have said - I despise it and would like to replace with grass - but not sure how easy it would be to do that?
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It serves absolutely no purpose as there is no existing structure that it leads to
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There would be some manual labour involved with this idea, but won't cost very much. Rent a machine that can break up the cement in front of the steps that make up the triangle - would have to judge where best to stop, ie: where flower pot is so other section looks like a separate side pathway. Place random pieces of granite (large enough to step on) in front of steps so you can step from one to the other out as far as you like. You can purchase the granite from a landscaping company and it cost us under a $100 to do something like this (they charge by the pound). Play around with placement and then add sod or if patient, grass seed or even ground cover or moss, etc.
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i would paint the light green color if you don't like it!
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Yes remove all that grass in between and do minor repairs to the cement ,then if you like you could purchase a kit ,they are stencils .
here is an example http://www.nationalstencil.com/concrete-driveway-stencils.html
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I agree with everyone else about removing the grass and cleaning of the cement. But, make sure you use a solution that will kill the grass. I think Preen has one. Then power wash and fill the cracks on the patio. You can then paint the cement whatever color you like and, seal it.
That should bring the patio back to life and, give you several years of Joy.
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If you can crack up the concrete into large pieces, you could then reposition them into a walkway. Would take some muscle, but I think it would look nice and be a way to recycle the concrete.
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OK. I wasn't sure if you intended to remove, replace, or what. Since you do not want this concrete where it is anymore, the cheapest way to remove it takes lots of muscle and a sledge hammer to break it up, load it into a wheelbarrow and remove to wherever you dispose of it.

Higher tech equipment to bust it up can be rented - for instance a jackhammer or a bobcat with jackhammer attachment.

Once you remove the broken up concrete - fill the resulting holes with "Garden Soil" or "Top Soil" but NOT "Potting soil." You can find garden soil or top soil at most nurseries - or it can be dug from another part of the yard if you have a place you want to level out. Cover with grass seed or sod and you're in business.
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I believe that breaking up the cement is not a wise idea... Sorry!
if you didn't have a path already then one with flag stones could have been done and in time you could have obtained the look that is in the photo above .
In your case a nice edge of creeping Phlox or any other plant that would ad charm to your pathway

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