Simple external colour ideas?
Tim Hodges
June 10, 2014
Just looking for some ideas to tidy up the front elevation of our new home. Not looking to do anything structural just yet so just any thoughts on paint colours would be appreciated. I was thinking a fresh white over the existing white shotcrete and horizontal gable timber panels. Dark grey to the garage door, window surrounds, window awning and barge boards? Don't know if a new pathway colour would make anything 'pop'?
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Will consider this more later, but first impression is the horizontal siding and stucco below should be two saturations of same color. I think the horizontal should be two shades darker than the stucco. Can you describe better what that ledge is above the left window? Is it just that, a ledge? Wonder if we can give it a structure that has a pitch to emulate the roof? Or maybe just a forward slanting shed type covering? That window might be a good candidate for shutter too. I'll be back later, going to doc now. Your pic caught my eye though.
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Tim Hodges
Thank you for that. The ledge is literally that, looks as though it's falling down but don't have the money to do anything other than re-paint it! When you say 'horizontal siding' would you include the raking barge (currently pale green) as well?
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anne dee
as a suggestion for colour.
the 3 colour ways on this house pic would look nice
East Austin Bungalow
+a nice seating arrangement at the front door!
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I think that "raking barge" should stay the same color as the fascia board.

And I think you need a shutter on each side of the left window that is the same size as half of that window. They will repeat the side light windows on the right window.

I think the garage door and the horizontal siding should be the same darker color than the stucco. And I like the idea of a shed awning over the left window. Or maybe a triangle shaped one. Something to break up that expanse above the left window.

I am not a fan of windows painted other than white. So my inclination would be to paint the windows and the shutters white. Paint the stucco body a medium color, the horizontal siding and garage door a darker version of the stucco. Not sure about the fascia and raking but maybe also white. But the front door should have a color that pops since it's kind of in a hole.
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Like your original idea. But also like suggestion to make the the horizontal timber 2 shades darker than stucco. However, since you want to paint stucco white, make the horizontal timber a lighter shade of the gray. Dark grey to the garage door, window surrounds, window awning and barge boards. Also, adding shutters in dark grey when you can.
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first, clean with a power washer with some water and Clorox the house and sidewalk. the right side needs a gutter or walk and bottom of house will just blacken again. please consider some fun or pretty colors - gray is so boring.
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Boring is a state of mind. Gray can be very elegant.
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I tend to agree that grey is probably not a good choice for this house. I would like to see it have more of a industrial look since it has so many strait lines. I'll try to find some examples. You might want to use blocks of different saturated colors on different parts of the house. Maybe the awning I mentioned should be a sheet metal roofing product to emulate the metal on the garage door.
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They did two colors here in blocks.
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HI -- Because the house looks small , having three colors is not working . I would paint the whole house one color and just accent the roof trim in another color . The stucco /shotcrete can be spray painted with a good masonry paint . Then paint the recessed entrance a funky bright color ,-maybe like the inside color seen in the front window . The house color could be a blue based grey and the roof trim a charcoal . This would be a more modern look.
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You have a neat space . . it does need some color blocking - would like to see the flat roof and area around the garage a different tone than the middle area with the gable - the eye jumps to that transition and it won't if it is color blocked all the way down to the ground there. I see the terracotta entry tile and if you go all gray you will need to change that out - if that isn't in the works we should shift the body tone to something earthier / more platinum or greige or continue to incorporate some terracotta / orange / rust tone somewhere on the house - otherwise it will jump forward to the eye. My basic rule is that stucco is best when it is a tone you can find in stone naturally - this is actually quite a big range.

If you warm up your gray a little - look for the green undertone neutrals like sw rushing river and sw mountain - it is going to have a better overall look .. and pull in the trim to just one tone
I would do the middle element in the dark color (down the side and across the second story where it rises behind the lower element and the two ends that have the lower roof in the lighter shade - dividing them only by a vertical paint line where the roof line changes. You are coloring "lego blocks"
You could do eave / fascia and barge board dark but this is where I like the contrast of color - maybe an eggplant tone would give you the depth and contrast but would bring through the charm without the whimsey . . .here is the color i mean - a sort of violet brown (sw doesn't have one)
print it on a good color printer and make them match it . . .
then to keep the terracotta working, I like seeing something pop against the lower window on the frame .. . keep that . . .maybe sw brandywine . . or retile in a slate and use the lovely caponata tone on all the windows and the barge and fascia - and possibly on the protrusion / ledge too . ..
it is a great idea to do the internal hallway to the door in something lighter . . but do the hall in the light you have put on the other lego blocks . . since the middle is to be the deeper tone . .
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Perhaps white on the stucco, dark gray on the trim, garage, and windows, and natural wood siding on the gable triangle. Spring green or natural wood door.
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