Need suggestions on flooring replacement.
Caren Designs With You In Mind
June 13, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Our kitchen, as well as many floors in our home, inexpensive laminate. The heat of the frig. and the steam escaping from the dishwasher have caused warps along the seams. We want to replace it, but the floor continues into the dinning, entry and down the hall. Finances limit how much we can do at one time...eventually we want to replace all of the laminate but cannot do that just yet. How would you make the transition between the rooms and what materials would you suggest?
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Transitions are easy enough to work with. There are different types of moulding that will deal with floor heights etc.

What you will find on this website are plenty of people who have done replacements/upgrades at different times only to discover the flooring they purchase for "phase 1" is no longer available. This small thing then throws everything off balance. Some people work with multiple flooring types because they can't afford anything else whereas others bite the bullit and remove and reinstall a single flooring type...thereby doubling their flooring expense. Either way it is heart breaking to see.

If you can not afford everything at once, you might want to considered purchasing enough flooring to do everything and then hold off on the installation for a while. If you are looking at wood flooring this can be difficult because wood will slowly warp if not stored properly. Gathering tiles, vinyl or linoleum is much easier as it is much easier to store for months/years at a time.

If you want to have the same flooring throughout, I guess my suggestion is to purchase all the flooring you will need to do the entire job (always add in 10% for waste/extra). If you have to build up your finances to pay for the installation, you can do so.
   June 13, 2014 at 1:17PM
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