Need help with coffee table, end table(s), and side table for chair
June 15, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I just bought this new leather furniture for our living room and now I need to update our current coffee table, add end table(s) next to the love seat, and replace the wicker plant stand with a side table for the sitting chair.

Here's what I need help with:
1. What color of wood would you recommend I get for the coffee table and end table(s)? Our current coffee table has some orange in it. I want to replace that current coffee table because it's from college (a long time ago!). Should I stick with that orange-oak color? Similar size (48" x 21")? Or smaller? What do you think about a juniper natural wood coffee table? Or do you think I should go for a dark brown, rich wood color (like the dining room furniture)?

2. I'm ok with the coffee table and end tables not matching. But they will need to work together. If you have links to coffee tables and end tables that you think would work in this space, please share! We like a "transitional" style. The less expensive, the better. :) I am thinking we need very small end tables because it's a small space between the love seat and the wall (17" from the love seat to the wall).

3. I'd like to replace the tall plant with something new. The current plant leans and I'd like something different. Any recommendations? What about a fiddle fig plant?

4. Any recommendations on a side table for the chair? What about a tall pedestal table?

5. I have a tall lamp (see picture). Would that work in the space? Where? Between the love seat and the window in the corner?

6. I'm thinking about getting some sort of bench with a cushion and pillows for the wall that is empty (where the stairs descend). Or do you have any other recommendations for what furniture to place next to that empty wall for extra seating?

We will not be getting an area rug for the space because our cats will claw at it. We'll stay with the wood floors and no area rug for now.

Thank you in advance for your advice!
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Yes for bench,it adds more seating. Yes to lamp in corner. The chair could use that larger table. Put small table near door or beside lamp. Get plant support & tie plant. I will be ok. The plant is leaning for light. Would plant like the window?
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Lila Hayes
I would go for a darker wood colors to give contrast to the floor and stair rail. In general I think you could use some height in the room. Maybe tall curtains would add some height and softness both. Ikea has nice curtains that are pretty tall, but to be honest I'm not sure if they're THAT tall.

Under the stairs maybe a side board type of furniture. Where the plant is now you could go with a tall piece (bookcase?) or maybe the side board could go there with the tapestry centered on it with other do-dads and put some shorter book cases near the stairs. I suppose a bench would be good for seating, but I don't think it will do anything to the scale of the room. Actually, you could do a bookcase with a bench in front or a long table with benches/stools under (I read an article here on Houzz about that exact thing).

The lamp could go next to either. They both need it. And maybe a short table next to the door under the picture of the butterfly. The wicker table is too small in diameter unless it was in a grouping. Pick a different material to mix it up (maybe metal). Target, Pier 1 and World Mart always has really cute looking ones. I'm not really into matchy-matchy as you might tell but do what you love.

Also, if you get professional quality carpet the cats can claw all day long and it won't run.

I currently have a Shaw Contract carpet tile running wall to wall in my sunroom where my cats hang out most of the time and nothing can put a dent in it (and my cats prefer clawing carpet to the furniture so I want to give it to them so they don't shred my new couch). The Shaw Contract might be hard to get a hold of if you're not in the industry (or it might be a budget buster), to be honest I'm not sure since I work at a design firm.

In my living room (and my daughter's room) I'm using Floor carpet tiles by Interface. They are easily available on their website and you can buy just what you need to make a rug. And they're more residential looking so they don't have that "industrial" look.
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LoL, like the barber chair!
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Lila Hayes
Yeah. Haha. I'm kind of stuck with it. My husband is an ex-stylist/current architect. For years I had to sit on a kitchen chair to get a haircut so I found one on Craigslist from a hair salon that was updating.
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So I'm thinking about these 2 Metropolitan Cubes in espresso from Pottery Barn to act as the coffee table and then I'd buy the side table for next to the chair. It's a bit over my budget, but they may fit the bill. Thoughts? Alternatives?||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-
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Lila Hayes
It's a traditional table. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a knock off. I didn't check for dimensions, but here's something similar at Target for $62

And that one was just the first one I found. Just go to Target's website and look under Furniture for Side Tables. There are a ton.

Another way I get what I want is to put a saved search on eBay for exactly what I'm looking for and eBay will email you every time something posts with your search. You have to be really patient about it though. You have to REALLY want it because it could take months (or years) for the right thing to pop up.
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Eastvold Furniture
A credenza would look great next to your staircase!
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Would this credenza be something you can sit on as well as use as storage?
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As to a coffee table, I would consider an upholstered long ottoman in a fabulous print to tie in with the wall hanging you know have. (You also might want to lower that just a bit.) Everything in the room now seems to have a smooth texture. Adding a different texture (e.g. heavy upholstery fabric) will add more personality in the room, offer extra seating and more storage. I first thought stripes but with the strong pattern of the floor, I would recommend something smaller but cheerful. If you like that idea, I'll see what I can find in patterns that I think would play well in the room.
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I love the idea of an long ottoman as a coffee table, but it would have to be in leather or something else that cats can't scratch on. An upholstered fabric ottoman would be considered a cat scratch post in their world.

Still looking for a new small scale coffee table or ottoman (48" or less x 21" or less) and new end table and chair side table. All have to be super small. The end table needs to be less than 17" wide.

I definitely want to add more texture. I was thinking next to the love seat I'd put a basket for a blanket or magazines to start adding some texture.

I have added the lamp to the corner.

Our ceilings are 18' tall. I took another picture of the tapestry. Please let me know if you still think it's hanging too high.

Side note: I wanted to hang long curtains to frame that front window but the husband didn't want them. :( So that is not going to happen.

Please keep the ideas coming as I'm on my own with trying to figure this stuff out. It doesn't come naturally to me. Thank you!
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Warner Decor
I have a cat so I definitely know what you are talking about with the cat post! Here are a few ideas in terms of end tables:
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Lila Hayes
The tapestry looks lonely. I wouldn't worry about the placement until you get some furniture to ground it.

Check out the great prices on faux leather ottomen at Target! Lots of options!
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I understand about the scratching post concept but maybe in your search you could keep in mind the idea of a pattern as opposed to another solid. And, yes, regardless of the furniture you place in the room, that tapestry is too high. I would suggest the top of the tapestry being no higher than the doorway next too it. I realize you have high ceilings but at this point, the tapestry looks like it's trying act as a bridge between the upper and lower levels but hasn't quite figured out how to do that. If that is the point of using the tapestry, try moving it to your stairway wall. Each level should be treated, in my way of thinking, as its own unless you go all the way up the wall, meaning more items above the tapestry which, I think, would water down the importance it now has. I think you will be surprised at how much it helps pull together what you now have just by moving that down.
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Lamp looks good. But now I think plant needs to move :)

Narrow bench up against stairs or storage unit there seems like good plan. how many people usually in this room at once?
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