Keeping but Updating the Pink Bathroom in our "new" home
Therese Macie Aquilina
June 24, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We just purchased a wonderful ranch style home built in 1960. The main bath has all of the original pink fixtures, tile and flooring. I need help in keeping the original but making it look up to date
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PRIZE Interiors
You might just replace the cabinets and counter and raising the top to the new 36"H standard, but keep the same layout to be able to keep the floor tile. Also, paint the trim of the window white. Remove the shelf and do a larger mirror. You could replace the sink too, if you can't salvage it, at the very least, replace the faucet and the shower curtain. Good luck. Great bathroom!
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Midland Home Hardware Building Centre
I would continue to play up the pink, since you're wanting to keep it original, with some black/white accents, and definitely a silver/grey paint on walls. For sure replace that counter and sink.
   June 24, 2014 at 12:57PM
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You can make it look like an updated 1960's bathroom, not a 2014 bathroom. Replace the laminate top on the vanity, reuse the sink, replace the faucet if it is worn. Add trendy wallpaper and shower curtain. Replace lighting if it is not up to date. If the mirror is showing age, change it out. Paint the trim around the window as PRIZE suggested. Worn drawers can be replaced, too.

Professional tile cleaners may be able to whiten and seal the grout on the floor and in the shower/bath. They can work miracles sometimes.
   June 24, 2014 at 1:02PM
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A low budget fix to me would be to paint the walls a pretty light gray and paint the vanity a charcoal gray. Replace the handles or refinish in silver. Not a big fan of the light fixture, so I would replace it with something like I have posted. Paint the frame of the window the same charcoal gray as the vanity and get rid of the shutters and replace it with stained glass window film or if you are crafty, use frosting spray and a stencil that would still allow the light to filter in by provide privacy. Also the floating shelf is not in style with the 60's bathroom. I would replace with a glass shelf. Hope these suggestions will help inspire you!
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If you want to keep everything as is but just update the look--
agree with painting wood trim around window white and getting rid of the shelf...
Would suggest adding some chocolate accents--

see if you can get a wood counter to sit on top of the current one to raise the height and disguise the current one
maybe dark butcher block or other dark wood--
maybe shop a building salvage company for something longer you could cut to fit that angle or IKEA or get your husband to make one--
I think Lowe's will make cuts for free if you buy the wood there--

If you use generic wood you can just paint it and original cabinets same color--chocolate

Add a white sink--probably not a drop in unless you totally remove the original--buy a new fixture and just run a longer pipe than what is there now for the waste...
Use ORB faucet and drain cap...

Find material with chocolate, turquoise, pink, coral, green colors and make a shower curtain--
use ORB rod that bows out from the shower for more room inside---use ORB hooks...
   June 24, 2014 at 1:15PM
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Midland Home Hardware Building Centre
I happen to love this!
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Cast Glass Images Inc.
A custom shower enclosure would be an amazing addition to your bathroom!
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Our FL home built in 70s has two baths which both are still original/vintage...the master is likely getting renovated soon because shower has tiles falling out...
but the guest/front bath is is better shape...
An anthem to the yellow/green trend---tub is green as well...
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SoCal Contractor
Consider painting the walls, and adding wall art and various accessories that incorporate other colors into the space.
   June 24, 2014 at 2:13PM
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Smith & Noble
Swapping the shutters for a 60s themed roller shade might be a nice addition as well!
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