Jack & Jill to 2 Small Bathrooms???
June 24, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hi there! So we live in this older 2 br duplex townhouse and there're 1.5 bathrooms, 1 half bath downstairs and 1 jack & jill bath upstairs. So the Jack & Jill bath is the main bathroom. Now having a toddler kid, we can foresee privacy will be an issue as he grows. And I've always wondered why is there such a weird floor plan. We thought about moving to a slightly larger house but the houses in the neighborhood we like are more than what we like to spend (not to say there are limited supplies).

So my question is, if we should just spend some money on remodeling the jack & jill bathroom? The L shape Jack & Jill bath is big enough for 2 small bathrooms and then we will have 2 master suites. But the problem is... is it worth doing so? How much will the reno approximately cost? How about the permit? Can anyone give me some insight on this? Also, does anyone know some good contractors around San Jose CA? Thanks for reading!
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If you can afford it, I think 2 small bathrooms is preferable to a jack-n-Jill bathroom. It would help with resale and double your functionality.
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I would also like to hear if anyone has similar experience of dividing a jack & jill bath into 2. Please do share with me how long the renovation took, how much and just anything about this? I have never hired any contractors for renovation like this so I'd really like to hear. Thanks for all your help!
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Tell me how large the jack and jill space is and if you have any closet space you can borrow from the secondary bedroom. If the two bathrooms will be small - I don't think this is a great idea. I do know the San Jose market well, and I know the supply means the market is crAzy.

I think I would advise you to put the money into an account that watches for the next downturn so you can hop up . . you won't get your money back from this in SJ unless both rooms are large enough / closet enough / luxury bathroom big enough to be called a master suite ... and it will cost you 15 - 20 PER bath to do that - fixtures alone could run half that. You are talking about taking down ceiling downstairs to get into the plumbing and the inspectors will make you upgrade everything to current code . .

Not seeing this - you don't need it now, and in 18 when the market is due to dip again you can really bounce if you start stashing it into a fund. Until then, buy things you can take with you - good furniture, art, rugs, drapery, even light fixtures. It will make your space show like a dream if you have the right sized furniture and a great textile mix. Instead, spend 100 on new hardware so you can lock your door to the bathroom off at the top and start practicing bathroom privacy when your child turns 4 as a standard practice.
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Jack and jill bathroom is quite acceptable. People are expecting too much these days with each bedroom having their own bathrooms. It also depends on the price and square footage of the house.
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Thank you for libradesigneye and Dytecture's comments!

Now I am still trying to decide. Sorry I am bad at taking pictures and can't draw. But let me give out more information about the jack and jill bath etc. first.

So the bathroom is L shape with one sink on each side (1 side has a 60 inch single sink, the other side has a 72 inch single sink!) , then the middle/ corner is the toilet and shower/ bathtub combo that can be closed with 2 doors. Also no doors on either side when you enter the sink area from the bedroom.

I actually don't mind too much having one main bath as I myself grew up in a house with only 1 bathroom. What bugs me the most is the weird layout and mainly the 2 doors that closed in the toilet/ bathtub. I'd much prefer if there's only 1 hall bath but that can't be changed. So now it's like you have to close and lock/unlock 2 doors when you enter the toilet area.

I feel like if it's not the two doors, the bathroom is not that small (esp. with the large sink areas), also I should mention there's a small walk-in closet behind the opposite wall of the 60 inch sink and a regular hallway closet right at the 72 sink area.

Sorry it's hard to describe but I hope you get the rough idea.

I thought about he possibility of having one door for the toilet/ bathtub area, like having a door diagonally to close off that area, but seems like that will involve moving some walls and maybe stealing some space from the closets for more space to do that. I saw this type of jack and jill bathrooms and think it's a much better design than ours. My husband thinks that is not possible and he thinks 2 small bathrooms seem to be more logical. hm...

Anyways, that's what I thought the main problem of our small townhouse is when buying this house. But I feel even if we stay or move in the future, it seems like we need to fix this weird situation. Even the previous owner thought about renovating the weird bathroom (their agent told us), probably because their house was harder to sell when comparing to others in the area. In this area, the houses we look at don't even have nice decor but they sell (even when the market is down the 3 bedroom houses still run almost 600k and up and now they are around 850k and up and these are houses have little or no remodeling done). I really want to have a 3 bedroom house in the area, but their price never go down a lot and I have been through the high and low in the market. So right, I think I'm stuck in this 2 bedroom townhouse now but luckily the bedrooms aren't too small when comparing to some newer ones here. But yeah, 2 bedroom houses are not as popular and the prices seem to go up and down much more :( .

So yeah, sorry this seems too long and there is some irrelevant info. But yeah, I feel the need to fix this situation. Again, having 2 bathrooms is not a must for me, what I am thinking of is to fix the design of the bathroom.

So any ideas to fix this situation if not dividing into 2 bathrooms? Sure we will ask for some contractors' estimates soon. But I'd like to get some rough ideas first. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks a lot for reading and your input!
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So I found this old picture of the 72 inch sink area of our bathroom before we moved in. You can see there's a closet, and the door to the toilet/ bathtub area. Beside the toilet there is the other door to the 60 inch sink area and to the other bedroom. Also on the other side of the closet shown in the picture, it is a very small walk-in closet, and that entrance is open to the 2nd bedroom (not to the sink area). Hope this helps.

So I'm thinking that'd be great if I can close off the toilet/ bathtub area with just one door. That will solve the problem of the 2-door situation. But the problem is we need to have a "hallway" to pass through to that door from the 2 sink areas. Honestly, I have no idea if it's even possible, but I saw pictures on pinterest and here that many j&j bathrooms have only ONE separate door to the toilet/ bath area. But then those bathrooms are all in rectangular shape, not L shape like ours.
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