Kitchen rugs?
June 26, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Put in new flooring and I want to protect from spilling water from sink to dishwasher. Do I use 2 small rugs or 1 large? And - isn't using one large rug going to hide my new flooring? Need to connect dishwasher and clean up the kitchen but debating about rugs?
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Perhaps a rug between the sink and dishwasher, and another rug in front of the stove.
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Use a paper towel and wipe up your spills as they occur. No rugs.
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A 3' x 5' synthetic runner with a rubber backing would fit the space between your sink and your dishwasher but leave much of the rest of the floor showing. I love strategically placed throw rugs in busy patterns. They keep the floor looking clean longer as they absorb incidental drips. The rubber backing keeps the moisture from coming through to the floor. The rugs launder well. Normally I am a snob about using natural fibers, but for kitchens and bathrooms I find that olefin and nylon fibers work best for my needs.
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Spills happen. Deal with them when they do. Rugs look icky and have to be washed constantly anyway. The floor will still get dirty even with a rug.
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K. Powers & Company
A rug in front of he sink will protect your new floor and add a decorative touch to the room. I suggest one made for indoor/outdoor use as they are durable, resist staining and are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes.
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Okay, so I put hardwood everywhere and crossed my fingers. My mom moved in suddenly after I bought the house because I needed to be her caregiver. She had bad hands and dropped a lot. I didn't want dozens of dents and scratches in the floor. I have a very light kitchen, light cabinets, light counters, light walls. I bought a black wool rug in a trellis pattern with lots of colors in the trellis and a Hoover carpet steamer. It doesn't get as gross as you might think. Would I put wood in the kitchen again? I honestly don't know. I certainly love the look. Were we more careful it would have been okay, but we are human beings. The rug covers the work triangle and leaves the rest of the floor bare. It actually enhances the room imho. It sure is comfy on winter mornings and late at night. i first bought a medium shade cotton rug which I thought I could get cleaned easily. Not so. I think we all wish we knew the ideal floor to unify our living spaces. Maybe my next home will have super water resistant laminate everywhere or that new premium vinyl. I love the look of concrete, but not unless I am living in the tropics and feet and legs then have a problem. Maybe someone will invent a gel floor that cleans itself somehow.
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You could put a small rug in front of the sink for comfort and spills. When filling or emptying the dishwasher, just make sure you carry the dishes over the the countertop if wet. And, as others suggested, clean up spills as they happen. Nothing remains perfect and new-looking forever, so enjoy the beauty of your floor today.
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It is just not water that may ruin your new floors. Dropping a heavy pot or can may dent the floor, I would put a rug to complement the colors in your nice kitchen.
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Hyde Evans Design
I'd skip the rugs. They'll just get spilled on (yes, I know that's your plan) but dirty rugs have to be professionally cleaned. Floors can be wiped up as you go.
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Rugs are a practical solution to your problem. Don't let the desire to be 'decoratively correct' prevent you from making your kitchen safe and functional for you and your family.
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Indoor/outdoor rugs are a great solution. Nice ones are available from PB and C&B among others. My objection is having to machine wash or worse, dry clean, throw rugs.
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What is PB and C&B?
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Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel
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