what to spend $ on versus what to save $ on when selling home...
July 2, 2014 in Design Dilemma
for example....
replace carpet or just shampoo?
paint entire inside of house, or just paint certain rooms & touch up rest?
Purchase a few inexpensive "fresh" accessories, or go bare?
new rug in foyer (current one is stinky & must go) or just leave bare wood?
etc. etc. etc.

Do new fluffy white towels & mats reall make difference in bathrooms?

etc. etc.
Thanks for input.
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Are there wood floors beneath your carpeting? If so, you might want to rip out the carpets and refinish the floors. They are a good selling point for many buyers.
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no. house is 7 yrs old.
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Lauren Hartman
I haven't ever sold a house so I can't say from that perspective... all I can offer is what I liked to see when I recently bought my house:

1) As long as the carpet isn't disgusting or badly stained, you can probably get away with just cleaning it. Unless like Feeny said you have hardwood underneath, it would probably be worth refinishing that. And you could always put something in the listing that the flooring is negotiable, if you want to keep the option open.

2) Paint: if your rooms are neutral colors you can get away without painting. If you have crazy colors, I'd probably repaint. Our house was actually on the "crazy" side but I don't mind repainting. I might be in a minority though :)

Rugs and accessories: Can't really hurt I don't think. Unless you have gorgeous wood floors and want to show them off. But I think fresh flowers, maybe new lamps etc could help. The key thing to me though when viewing a house is that the cleaner the better. It just makes a good impression when the house is spic and span.

If you still have your stuff in the house and want to make it look really great, I might suggest finding a design company that offers staging services. They could probably work around your items or add on. At the very least they could give you advice on how to make it really appealing to the current market.
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I think the answer is “it depends".
How dated is the carpet? How dirty? What color?
How old is the paint job? How worn? What color?
How much $ do you want to spend before listing? How much time have you got to do it?
Same for rugs and accessories. If the current stuff is dated and a distraction get rid of it, even if you don't replace it with anything else. I think the number one goal is everything has to be 100% clean. Not necessarily new, but clean.
If you post a couple of pictures here of the rooms/carpet/colors in question I'm sure you will get some advise from the RE experts.
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OK....this is view when you walk in front door. not very inviting. what does it need? (carpet in this room will be cleaned, not replaced)
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SoCal Contractor
Minor things, such as paint and accessories won't change the value as much as something as major as the flooring. When selling a house the things that make or break the sale are flooring, number of bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Those are the things that you should focus on. People might not mind having to repaint walls, but they will mind having to do major renovations.
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The living room looks lovely. When showing the house I would have the blinds open, and maybe angle the white chairs so the back of its not the first thing you see... Other than that I think the room looks good for showing. Looks spacious and clean.
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Cleaning carpet in the neutral family is fine. Buyers want to pick out new new carpet. Wash windows. Open blinds (know they mess with fine interior photography). For staging, angle the white chair like the one opposite. Move tv to absolute rear of cabinet against wall to maximize sense of space. Put throw over arm not back (young v grandma style) add some pillow with cocoa or burlap with white pillows on sofa/white chair to tie dark and light together. One graphic print fabric with all the colors in the palette help the eye make sense of it. You could add red and white this time of year.

Mostly in kitchen, baths, and bedding . . think show house - this is where super clean, new paint, grout refresher color if you need it, no rugs, fluffy matching towels and bath accessories (soap dish, etc.) like you might want to use when you move into your NEW house leave a strong first impression.

Bedding ironed / fresh / any prints folded down into thirds or fourths across the bottom of bed with solid blanket or duvet covering most of bed. Take most things off most surfaces - during your period of having house on market, get a nice looking basket for you and for hubby so all the little things that accumulate in bedroom can be quickly basketed and put under / in closet / brought back out. .. saves gnashing of teeth. On shelves, pack 1/3 of your stuff now. 1/3 open space, 1/3 art or objects, 1/3 books.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Clean, uncluttered and inviting. The cleaning is obvious (DIY or go ahead and hire a cleaning firm to do EVERTYTHING for a set price...that means walls as well), remove clutter can mean putting "stuff" in storage. This can be an added expense for those of us who do not have a storage locker in our portfolio. Inviting means leaving a visual "opening" where someone feels like they can walk RIGHT INTO THE HEART of the room/house without having something (like the back of the chair) preventing them from coming in.

The one room we see is clean, uncluttered but needs a "touch" of warmth...which is where moving the white chair comes in handy. A cut (yet cheap) area rug can tie a room together without cluttering the space. Your living room is very close to "ready to view" with only a few minor (read: cheap and easy) changes. The rest of the house is hard to guess without pictures.

If the interior is pretty much spotless and the colour palette is neutral, you want to make sure all the "systems" are up and running and in top shape. Have your electrical/heating/hotwater tank inspected/serviced - and leave that with your agent. Find your warranty information for the roof/electrical/heating/etc and have copies left out with your listing material.

These are cheap things that are greatly appreciated by prospective home buyers who are scared to jump into a 'money pit'.
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Ok, reniecpa, I think you've gotten some good advice on this room, as far as adding a touch of color, pillows and moving the white chair. so far so good! What's the room that concerns you the most?
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Great advice above. Yes, new fluffy white towels, new bath rug (if you leave it out) and a new shower curtain are worth the money. In the kitchen, add hefty plain color new towels, not printed cheap new towels. The best investment is cleaning.

You may not need a new foyer rug. A new welcome mat is always a good idea.

Good luck, your living room is already decluttered and you are well on your way.
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very clean, very uncluttered, no air freshener or other odors, no pets present.
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Walk around pretending to be a real estate agent taking photos. Take 50 or so. Then review on a full size monitor. Compare to competing houses in your area, within 10% or so of your asking price. We can learn a lot from a photo that we just can't see when we look at our rooms in real life.
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ps most of us have storage space in the garage .. buyers don't care how cluttered or full your garage is . . they see "their" way of keeping a garage, they just want to know how the connection is and what is in it generally . . . so if you do need to pack stuff up, use the garage, no one will care.
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Thanks everyone. This room is the main one I'm concerned with....it dies need something to pull it together and I've purchased some patterned throw pillows for the sofa & chairs & am looking for a rug to tie it together. The rest of the house just needs cleaning & de cluttering. We already have a storage unit, so extra stuff can go there unless we decide to sell it donate anything. :)
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