My Apt looks plain
July 3, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I need help decorating my dining area and living room. I bought the sofa's and they've taken too much space so I'm not sure if to buy a coffee table or not. I need to decor the walls but do I really need to stick to red? what other colors can I add??
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Patricia Colwell
That looks like a patio door? I would move the chair from infront of it if so. put the chair facing that door move the sofa forward away from the wall I do not love the color of the walls , you need an area rug and some art work on all the bare walls . The center piece on the table is too high and clunky for the table. I only see one sofa are there 2? No you do not have to go red but I would paint the main walls a much more neutrl color like gray, would work. Get rid of the vertical blinds on that Window and get some nice drapery to soften the look. With the rug and drapery your sound from the T.V will be much nicer. A nice mirror in the dining room on the far wall would be nice. Some textured pillow on the sofa , a nice colored center piece on the dining table . Check out canvas transfer posters for the walls, they are fairly inexpensive and look like real art canvases, mirrors on Wayfair a pretty affordable
July 3, 2014 at 8:40AM     
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R.E. West Builders
I really agree with Patricia on this one the only thing I would add is in some instances your landlord will allow for you to repaint the walls at your expense. Seeing as red and an almost pinkish orange peel is intermixing in the Kitchen and Living room floor space I don't see how they would care. I'm not a particular fan of the red that was chosen for the Kitchen however it does add extra pop to the white cabinets. I've seen quite a few instances where red and soft green have been added to make the room a little less pale. Alternatively I would probably ditch the dining room set and go for something a little more creative and fun. Something like the images shown below will add a main vocal point to the room drawing your eyes away from any bland areas along with some art and you'll have a great new space. Hope this helps!
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I wouldn't add too many colors, I'd work on blending the existing colors into each room. Definitely would get a rug and window panels. Are your walls gold or peach?
July 3, 2014 at 9:35AM   
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This is a good example of mixing your existing colors. I like the red frame in the middle of more traditional frames.
July 3, 2014 at 10:05AM   
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