Mirrored or solid closet doors?

raddad2July 5, 2014
Our house was last remodeled in the early 80's and we are at the tail end of a remodel that's brought it into 2014. Unfortunately we won't even get to enjoy it since we're relocating!
Anyway, the house had mirrored sliding closet doors with lovely gold trim. I got rid of those since they were kind of shot anyway but am not sure what to replace them with.

Since we're selling the house, I want to pick something that most people would like. I'm also considering whether mirrored closet doors will make our average sized bedrooms look larger.

Should I replace with:

1. Mirrored closet doors with chrome trim
2. Mirrored closet doors with white trim (trim in our house is white, walls are light grey).
3. Solid closet doors to match trim (white)
4. Solid closet doors to match walls (grey)


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Closet Experts
I vote number 3 since it is the safest. Many people will be turned off by seeing themselves in various stages of dress with mirror. There was a recent advice thread on this.
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Karolina De Costa
#3 Since you're selling the house the more neutral the better. Clean white doors are also a safe choice. Mirrors do reflect light and make a space brighter but they might not suit everyone's taste.
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For a foyer closet it would be okay to have mirrored doors with chrome or white trims.
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