simirJuly 6, 2014
How many feet off the celing should a window be placed?
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Patricia Colwell
It depends on the window.
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I have 2 French doors on one side of the living room and I have 2 windows on the other wall. I would like to bring them up to the same height. It's a 10 foot celing.
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
French doors come in two standard heights.....6'-8" and 8'-0"

If you use an 8'-0' French door then the header height of the French doors are 8'-0'.

If you purchase windows that are 6'-0" tall and you also have an 8'-0" header for them, then they will be 2'-0" from the floor.

Or you can put the windows at 6'-8" from the floor and they will stop at 8" above the floor.....and then you can put a clerestory awning style window above the 6'-0" windows that are just over 12" tall......... and now you have two windows in the same space and with a header height at around 8'-0".

Another option is to use 6'-8" French doors and to put 12" to 20" high awning windows above those for an even higher header height.......then you can do the same with you 6'-0" windows with taller clerestories above............

As you can see, there are options, but it is important to coordinate all of your windows and doors and to make sure that the design works together....

I have posted just a few of our projects to give you an idea....
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Thanks for your helpful advice. It was greatly appreciated!!!
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