Need help arranging bedroom

tpossickJuly 7, 2014
Hi! I'm not sure of placement of furniture because I have a rectangular room where the bedroom door is in the middle of one of the long sides (as well as the closet) and finding it hard to decide on where to place everything. here is what this mess looks like now…when you walk in, this is what it looks like from left to right. not everything is quite where it should be/would be.

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Meet Me at the Wrecking Ball
You have too much furniture in there. What can you eliminate?
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Agreed with Meet Me at the Wrecking Ball. Maybe just one dresser and the desk, plus bed and nightstands? This room could be really charming. Are the walls painted gray right now?
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Optimum restful and secure sleep happens when the bed is opposite the door and the foot of the bed is approached when you enter the room. Place the bed properly first and all else will fall in place.
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There is also too much "clutter." Put everything away; get rid of what you can. Then arrange furniture as described above.
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HI -- You have what most people have -- not enough storage . Can you size out the room on graph paper showing doors and windows and the furniture too. You could get a room planner from a book store or a computer program and work moving things around on paper . This might help you decide where best to place things and what you need to remove . Or post the room plan and sizes and furniture sizes on here and get help that way.
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thank you all for your help! yeah, there is clutter but that is mostly because i just put things on the floor or on furniture as i look at stuff in different positions and some of that is trash/giveaways, yes. i was thinking of getting rid of the desk or turning it more into a vanity.

unfortunately, I'm a dancer and need all the drawer space that i have. my closet isn't big and i have a roommate so basically everything i own goes into my room including most of my toiletries. but yes, downsizing! ill post more photos as i move stuff around

thanks again
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Bedrooms look trashy without a headboard. Add a tall upolstered headboard to add a finished, soft, classy look. Then-declutter!
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ok it isn't perfect but it is an improvement. more ideas welcome. it would be nice to get rid of one of the dressers, but can't/won't for the time being. thank you for all of your help!
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Good job! Big improvement. I was going to suggest putting the desk under the window, but I see you've already done it! Any chance you could consolidate the green dresser and the blue one, and eliminate one? Are your fully utilizing under the bed storage boxes?
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^^^ You also might think about swapping out that little 1drawer night stand next to the bed for something that has more storage capacity. In a room like this every piece of furniture has to work very hard as storage.
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Susan McGuire
I like your changes and improvements, well done :)
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