Drapery panels?
July 8, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We have windows in our dining room. I am considering hanging panels to the side of the window, so that we continue to get the light and view. Suggestions?
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JudyG Designs
How about a white linen, textured, with a black rod.
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I think any of these would look nice in your DR. It all depend on your taste/style as you could go another direction also. A b/w graphic or tone on tone neutral would work in your room. Note, the traditional curtains can be with/without trim.
Lime Blossom Fabric
Loren Curtain Panel - 108" x 48"
President's House Lindenwood University
Updated Traditional
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PT Designs Inc. Paula Tranfaglia - Decorating Den
Annie - it depends on your style….looking at the image, drapery panels would be nice. They should remain stationary (never intending to traverse across full length of the window). If doing panels, I would recommend short "decorator poles/rods" a short pole for each panel….hence 4 finials! This makes the hardware more like an embellishment rather than a long pole across the whole length of the window which is more utilitarian looking.

Depending on your style, you could choose from textured material such as the linen suggestion above, or a pattern (bold or subtle)…from your two images what little I can make out, the home has a fresh feel with the strong white moldings and the prairie style wainscoting. I would mount the short decorator poles as high as possible on the wall just beneath the crown molding…this helps to carry the eye up and take/compliment the full height of the room.

Also, if this is a DIY project, I recommend mounting the decorator rods such that the majority of the panels are off the glass, only covering approx 2-3" of glass on either side for maximum light. Your new draperies will now frame your view while accenting your home decor and adding fabric for sound absorption.

Your rods could be metal or wood…again depending on your style however, assuming your love your chandelier... black metal would tie in with it carrying the metal into another area of the room which is always nice.

If you want to be really daring if DIY…you could then find a complimentary fabric to put on your dining room chairs!

Good luck!
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I was thinking of the short decorator rods. Is there a place to buy them?
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PT Designs Inc. Paula Tranfaglia - Decorating Den

When working with clients I cut down wood or metal…most metal rods are hollow. You cannot do this if using a solid heavy real wrought iron pole but 99.9% of the rods a homeowner would have access to are hollow metal or wood….your contractor or husband can cut down. To cut the hollow metal rods you simply need a hacksaw and std wood saw for the wood!

I do not purchase anything from retailers as I purchase directly from vendors/manufacteres since this is my profession…you can research online or I know HomeDepot and other stores have limited selections that will most likely suffice…you would just need to cut them down. The added cost to the short rods is 2 pair of finials vs 1 but not a big deal when the look is so much nicer and updated! Good luck!
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Thank you!
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Katherine Harrison Architecture & Design Inc.
There are many great suggestions so far. Have you considered a double curtain rod? These are readily available (Home Depot, Ikea, etc.). The double layer of curtains can add visual depth and interest to the windows and also variation for how you can control light and privacy. Typically the inner layer is a sheer fabric. This can be a simple, plain white shear or have a pattern as suggested previously. This is for controlling privacy while still allowing light to filter through. The outer layer is a colour or patterned fabric that allows to control light and privacy. Sometime these are "blackout" style curtains - most often used in bedrooms.

For your dining room I would suggest the following:
- Floor length curtains (will make the room feel bigger)
- Double black curtain rod in the style to match your chandelier
- Plain white sheer curtains for the interior layer
- Patterned or solid curtain for the outer layer

A couple of notes::
- Do not attach the rod to your window trim, the rod should extend out beyond the trim at least 4" to 6" from left to right (if not more), and at least 2" to 3" above the trim on the top. This will make the windows feel bigger than they actually are. (Note in the one image that I have attached below of a dining room. The designer mounted the curtains right to the underside of the ceiling. This makes the window feel enormous, but it is actually quite small. You could do the same and mount your curtains to the underside of your crown moulding - but not attached to the moulding.)
- Attach the trim to the drywall using drywall anchors (curtains and rods can get really heavy and can pull out of the drywall without proper support).
- Your windows look wide, so you will likely need at least one intermediate support centered in the middle of the window. For long curtain rod sets sold at Home Depot, they usually come with a support as part of the hardware package included with the rod.

I have attached some images so you get the idea of the layering affect. No matter what you decide, any or a combination of the suggestions noted by all contributors will make the dining room window look great. Best of luck.
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Whispar Design
If you are just looking to add stationary panels for a bit of texture/color perhaps these accent cornices with a built-in rod would be an option... in white to compliment the millwork in the room.
Cornice Window Treatments - Dining Room V-Sconce Madison Park Cornice Window Treatment
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