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July 8, 2014
Hi everyone. Some of you may remember this room from before. My beloved red recliners have taken their last breath, and I just couldn't find two new ones in red that were comfortable and we found these chocolate brown ones that we love. Now the problem is to integrate them into the room better. Thinking I need a different end table, lamp, and maybe a new rug or cover for my ottoman. Any suggestions much appreciated. I know if I can integrate these new chairs better, I will love them. Thanks in advance!
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tkailua, I was going to suggest a larger rug, but then I went to your ideabooks and read you can't because your husband is in a walker. In this case this is what I suggest. Get rid of rug completely as I don't think it really adds anything to the room. Bring in softness with fabrics instead. You could upholster your ottoman in a patterned fabric, or better would be an ottoman a little larger. I included an example of one from which I think might go with the red/brown and also chair cushions in DR. Curtain side panels then in a off white/brown print. The photo below is an example, but may be to contemporary for your space. It's hard to tell without a close up pic of DR.

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You need a larger rug & pull it up to the fp. The couch facing the windows or facing fp. Then chirs either facing window or to right of couch. You could get a metal & glass table or keep what you have.
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Next Level Interiors
I agree, the rug is too small, better not to have one if it can't be larger. I like that you have brown tones other places around the room. Replace sofa cushions with prints. Use two complementary prints and at least one that has the brown and cream, with the red as an accent color. Add window treatments in a complementary print, or do the top of the panel in the print and the bottom a cream (similar to picture, different colors). Use dark brown wood poles. It looks very custom to have a variety of patterns as long as they are the right scale and all work well together.
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LOL< above I typed wrong, should be chairs! And above agrees with me!
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Thanks everyone. I have been "shopping" my house and have brought in other elements to pick up the chocolate brown. I will take pics in the morning and post them
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Next level...I LOVE the flower print material. Do you think I could do curtain panels with it. I was thinking to do a side panel on short rods at either corner of the larger window, plus one in the center, and then of course one on each side of the smaller window behind the recliners. What do you think? I am also not happy with the lamp...was thinking a white base, or at the very least swapping the burlap shade with a white one?
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MarleneM love your material as well. Curtains, I think a bit too contemporary for my house, but I love the brown and white,
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Happy leg...thanks for your comments. I have tried a bazillion different furniture arrangements in this room, and this arrangement was derived from a previous houzz dilemma post. Can't do a larger rug as my husband uses a walker with wheels on it, but I agree that no rug would likely be better for our situation. Thanks so much for your comments!
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Next Level Interiors
Yes a cream shade will work. Once you add fabrics that have both the cream and brown with other colors, it will all start coming together. You may also add lumbar pillows to the recliners. Do a down insert and they won't feel too bulky. An earlier suggestion by MarleneM of a larger ottoman in a print is also a good one. Just make sure all the prints work well together. Post pictures :)
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Here are photos from my " shopping" trip...

1. Swapped console for darker brown one
2. Leaf art instead of colored pieces
3. Changed art above fp for one with dark frame, will hang

Also took a pic with no rug and brown tray vs rug with red tray. What do you all think of these changes so far?
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Here are the pics rug vs no rug and different trays
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I like the look without the rug much better, also the darker framed art over FP, but liked the other art rather than leaf art. Console doesn't
Seem to make much of a difference, in pic anyway, because both looked darker.
I knew the curtains would be too contemporary, but I think curtains with an off white background and a design in them would look really nice against the darker blinds.
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