Please help with contemporary exterior design - roof and balconies
July 9, 2014
We recently purchased a house and would like to give it a contemporary feel. We have had the exterior redesigned by an architect and spent a long time settling on a final design. We love the final design (see attached) but now are struggling with how we are actually going to implement this with our budget.

The existing house was unfinished by the previous owner so he didn't even have gutters on the property. The existing roof is a pitched roof but not a very high pitched roof so from some angles it actually looks like a flat roof.

We would like to give the house some shape and dimension as it is very flat looking at present. We would like to add an 'eave' like structure around the whole house as this is incorporated in many contemporary finishes - however we really want to do this without changing the roof as that will be too costly.

We have consulted a few structural engineers but they all suggest using concrete and that would need considerable support and beams placed in the existing walls. The eave structure extends 1 metre outwards from the house.

The main purpose of the eave is to give the house a modern look and is mainly for aesthetic reasons and I think it is unnecessary to use concrete as it will put the house under unnecessary strain. Please can you help with ideas and suggestions of how we can build this without using concrete and without having to put beams in the walls as this is too expensive.

Thank you so much!
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The current renderings look fine, don't think it needs anything more, otherwise it would seem like you are trying too hard to add 'interest' to the exterior.
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