Silestone Lagoon or Caesarstone Frosty Carina?
Aleah R.
July 9, 2014
I had been struggling b/t Silestone Lyra and Lagoon countertops, but finally made my decision that I liked the subtle tone of Lagoon better. Lyra seemed too busy and more "fake". My tile is a bright pop of color - it's a seafoam green glass tile (Ann Sacks Lucian Glass in Rain). So, then I was introduced to Caesarstone Frosty Carina and am now debating b/t that and Lagoon. Frosty Carina is whiter but has more creamy beige (warmer) tones while Lagoon is more of a light gray so it has more cool gray tones. Floor will be a wood acacia (Carmel color so on the medium side of dark), cabinets will be white, probably Benjamin Moore White Dove. I am leaning toward Lagoon, just b/c i think the cool tone picks up more of the seafoam tile and i'm afraid the kitchen would be "too white" with the frosty, but any advice/opinions would be helpful! thank you! (Please keep in mind the photos can appear dingy and hard to really see the true colors, but the undertones should be easy to see. I tried to take photos in various lighting.)

Note: Frosty Carina is on the top in both photos and Lagoon is on the bottom in both photos (in the second photo it just shows a larger sample of lagoon). Also - The wood floor is not the correct color. The new floor will be a darker color, like the one shown here:

Pros or others with experience I would love your opinion! Husband and contractor are on my case and need a decision soon! ;)
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I would go for the Lagoon. Just my opinion, but I am an artist and if I'm good at anything it's colour. Good luck, it's going to be great!
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I agee, lagoon.
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I'm a big fan of the Frosty Carina! I like the creaminess - warms it up a hair and keeps it serene without feeling cold. Just my humble opinion! :)
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Evie Neumann
love your tile choice! i'd go with the Frosty Carina- the warm tones will compliment your floor color.
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I'd go with lagoon ....or Quartzmaster Calcutta grey which looks more like marble.
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Grace Reed
Aleahstrano, I imagine this feels overwhelming because a lot is at stake. I may have a solution for you. Are you familiar with the color consultant, Maria Killam? She's excellent and could help you save money/avoid delays/stress, etc. and most importantly, love what you end up with! She works with people remotely and works fast. And, no this is not a paid endorsement! I just read her blog @ and she's on Houzz. PS My opinion? With the green tile, I'd go with the cooler Lagoon.
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Grace Reed
I think the Frosty Carina (love it), with the caramel floor (it's beautiful), BM White Dove cabinets (the go to color) and a different tile could be awesome, too. BTW, What is your style? Are there fabrics, furniture, accessories, etc. that you're working with?
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Aleah R.
Thanks so much for all your advice! I do think the frosty seemed too beige for me. We told our contractor to go with the lagoon yesterday (husband liked this one best and I couldn't make a decision!). I don't think he's ordered yet but they will probably kill me if I change my mind!! Ha. I do like both silvers and golds (in general) and our remodel is a kitchen/living/dining open concept, do you think this choice makes it so I can't use golds or other warm colors in this area? Do you think I should pick a diff floor? Will the caramel acacia not go well with the lagoon and seafoam green tile? We haven't ordered the flooring yet, it will be laid throughout the house. Here is the photo that is my inspiration. Thanks in advance for your help! Grace, I'll look into the consultant you mentioned as well, although I just don't have much more time to make decisions. But I appreciate the referral!
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Aleah R.
beachlily - do you have a photo of your kitchen using the quartzmasters? I couldn't find a location that sells quartzmasters in Austin.
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Grace Reed
Thanks for the inspiration photo. It really helps and I love it! The Lagoon was the right choice. I'm not sure about the floor. It wouldn't hurt to consider others.
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Hi aleahstrano,
I would like to introduce you are new color: Calcatta Nuvo . Perhaps this color will fit better in your kitchen :
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