Siding, Stone & Window Dilemma
jlkipJuly 9, 2014
We bought a house and the black windows, which didn't meet inspection, were replaced with white ones. Now the house is an awful combination of white windows, black trim and cream colored siding. I'm replacing the black gutters with white ones and changing the trim to white. What should I paint the siding? All the white against the stone is throwing me off. Would SO appreciate advice!!! TIA!!!
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You still have some nice black windows but you put some white ones in? That was unfortunate as they all need to match. Lucky you there is a light tone in the stone or this would be even worse.
The white windows I see are the wrong profile window for this style home - you had nice modern ones with horizontal muntins and you apparently replaced them with vinyl sliders or casements with no muntins.

I don't know what to tell you - the tan siding is fine, nothing will help you there - a paler off white won't help this. From an architectural point of view, these are the wrong windows (white vinyl windows no muntins) You don't want to hear me say change the white windows. Colors won't help these be the right windows.
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They are rumored to have paint for vinyl siding now. Get it and paint these white windows black. That is the best solution with paint. It still won't replace the nice horizontal muntins you ought to have. . but it will help a lot. The black is the right color because of the brick stone combo. Painting the brick off white / halfway between tan siding and white - like bm collingwood, can help in back but not in front.
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Thank you so much for responding to this post. I really do appreciate it. As I wrote, the original windows didn't meet inspection. They didn't even open. The previous owner hadn't opened them for over 30 years. The seller agreed to replace them. We were New Yorkers. We didn't think to consult an architect on this or make sure to ask what she meant by replacing them with "standard" windows. I cried for weeks. I haven't done anything about this for almost a year. I looked into painting them and every painter (I consulted several seeking a miracle) said that it was a bad idea. They all said there's not a paint that wouldn't chip off and black paint would be the worst. They also said black would be terrible in terms of energy. In fact, the black gutters are all warped and not working so we have to have them replaced. It's a mess.
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By the way, the black bay window on the front, right side of the house can be painted white. Those windows do not open. Either do the black windows in the back of the house (which we plan to change in a few years). I'm thinking, at this point, all the trim and new gutters have to be white? It's really a question of how to make all the white work with the stone and siding. If that's at all possible.
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Sorry I was cranky. I understand about the black. I'm not sure I would have closed. You purchased a house with steel or aluminum clad windows and got a house with vinyl. . . ouch. You should have taken a discount and been in control - the realtor did not serve you well.

Are you willing to paint the brick? The siding is close to the gold in the stone / is a decent camel (tan with gold undertone), and it works well with the brick. The stone can handle the white better than most since it does have the off white -
If not, then paint the other windows white but a dark white that seems to echo the white in your stone . . the eye won't distinguish the two across the house but you will feel better.
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Maybe the tan has faded to a pinky beige - test something like sw burlap or sw camelback
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While I do agree that the vinyl windows were a huge mistake, I don't agree that it was a deal breaker on the house. I have to have faith that something can be done to make this seem more deliberate. I took a drive this morning around the neighborhood, which made me feel a lot better. Apparently there are several people with the same stone who have switched to white vinyl windows. I saw a lot of light gray and white siding with this combination (however, I wasn't a huge fan and feel there has got to be something better). The difference between my house and there's, is that on my house the stone travels up beyond the top windows. In other houses it either hits the first window or fills the entire front of the house. Thanks for your paint suggestions. I will try them. I've been using a design app on benjamin moore (so you can see the color actually placed on your house). SW has one but it is a lot harder to use! Did you suggest to paint the red brick? I was confused by that.
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I just now got to this discussion you referenced in my thread about my stone dilemma.
I like the idea of painting the black windows white, just to match the newer ones, until you can decide if you want to change the windows/gutter/trim.
In my case, I'm working with the reddish roof and dark brown gutters since I don't have the money at this point to change it. So whatever colors I choose for the siding have to match or coordinate with it. I hate the red roof and would much rather have a dark roof color, so maybe I can find a color scheme that can bridge the gap from where I am (reddish roof) to where someday I might get to be (charcol gray)....does that make sense?

I think if I were in your position, I'd think about painting the black windows white for now, and replacing them with white to match the newer windows you currently have. Not optimal, but I don't think I'd rip out new windows for cosmetic reasons (two cents).

I don't necessarily think you have to trade out the black gutters for white. I think I'd paint the siding a whitish or light cream color and the black gutter might make a nice contrast. I'd also paint the red brick, white/cream as well. You could then accent with black around the exterior to match the
gutters and make it seem more intentional.
This doesn't match your house, but the look is what I'm trying to explain:
Auckland Villa

Here's some black gutter/trim, light color stone combo:
6231 Lomo Alto Drive

I think you'd have to start thinking about a new roof someday and going towards the dark color to match the gutter/trim.
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