Help arranging furniture in living room
July 11, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hi, I can't decide what's the best furniture arrangement for my new living room! Right now I only have a sofa, but I also was planning on getting one or two accent tables, a coffe table, a rug and one or two chairs.

Here are my questions:
1) Sofa against the wall or off the wall? If off the wall, what would you put between the wall and the sofa?
2) Do you think a larger, sectional sofa work in this room?
3) Where two put the chairs and accent tables?
4) What color would you choose for the chairs and rug given the current wall paint?

Any other tips?

Thanks a lot!
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What look or style are you going for? Sorry don't know if your name means male or female, so I will just give you a few ideas that came to mind...

1)you can push it in the center against the wall if you have something flanking it, or something rather large or wide hanging over it, see photos. I love the idea of plants in a space and the height of the room would become a great feature if you accent it with artwork.
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If you want to put something between the sofa and the wall, there are colourful small consoles that would fit behind, that you could put two narrow lamps or lean artwork or accessories against. You could use another one by your window or use the desk?
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2) yes, a sectional over the left hand corner would work, but you might have to carry it all the way to the window corner to make it look cohesive, otherwise it will look as though you ran out of couch, if you host larger gatherings - go for it!
Otherwise your current couch is really nice and will do the trick without spending a small fortune on a large sectional.
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3) if you do a sectional and two small coffetables or one larger one, you will not need much for extra seating, unless you want o have some neat little poufs or ottomans tucked neatly under the table or by your window...depending if you do artwork or what kind of large rug you get you could ho crazy with little extra accessory seating, which you should do if you stay with your current couch plus chairs...
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If you keep the couch then I would put two chair on the left wall. You could potentially do a daybed by your window if you wanted, but the vent might be an issue, depending on what climate you live in...
You can do cloth chairs or more masculine leather chairs in a cognac colour...?
It all really depends on your you want to go more neutral and well travelled look? Or stay with a classic blue and white scheme...
Same with the rug, you could do a simple, more organic sisal or cotton rug with a very gentle neutral pattern, or go all out to play with your blue wall...
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4) colourwise it depends if this is your own home and how long you are going to stay there, especially with a rug. You need a substantial size one, so spending a lot on an eclectic one that might not fit the next place is not wise, so I would stay more neutral. Armchairs might be a little different story, they can fit many places. Or you can always dress up classic colours in seating with pillows and throws.
Hope that helps - Best of luck!
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Oops, last comments:
I would invest in a white linen roman shade if you keep your couch,( potentially with a blackout option if glare is a problem for your TV), to soften the overall look of the room.You could also do a wide matchstick blind for a more exotic look perhaps.
It would give the window some well deserved love...the current two blinds look a little sad...
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Thanks for some many great tips!

I agree, I want to change those blinds.

Also, I don't plan to stick to white and blue. What other colors would you suggest for the chairs and rug? I want a cozy contemporary feel.

What do you think about a bench next to the window? Something that doesn't cover the vent. And maybe some plant next to it or another table with a lamp?
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I think any neutral coloured rug will do. If you want cozy, then you need to soften the room with texture and fabrics. If you don't have pets or small children then a softer, plushier type of rug could add major cozy factor,otherwise you could go with a basic seagrass or sisal type and then add a cowhide style rug over that, if that is your thing. You can buy cotton rugs, if they don't have a large size, just buy two and have them sewn together. If you want plushy broadloom style you can just buy a large piece and have the edges bound. Dash&Albert has some great cotton rugs in large sizes or you can check out Flor, they are carpet tiles in a huge array of styles, that you just add together to make a rug.
For a pulled together look, you could add two more of the Kivik slipper chairs in white - or the blue ones, if you stay longer term and love the blue wall.
A bench by the window is an excellent idea, to make it look contemporary, you might even be able to make it seem as though it floats, without legs, by having it attached to the side walls.
With cozy you are going in the right direction with your nice velvet(?) pillows, but you could add a sheepskin or fluffy pillows, maybe something with a pattern or some sparkle?
I think a wooden coffetable will add warmth to the room and some lamps on some sidetables with a fabric shade will finish off the room beautifully.
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Tall plants on either side + your sofa off the wall like mveasey recommended. I think tall green plants would look really good against your blue wall and add a bit of brightness too it. I also agree with putting a bench next to the window. It'd be nice to lounge in all the natural light coming from it!
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