Should we buy this?
July 11, 2014 in Design Dilemma
My bf and I have been looking for months for a new home. We just came upon a home in a trendy up and coming area but the house was flipped and the builder did a really poor job with everything. We don't want to miss an opportunity to get in this neighborhood. The front of the house is hideous!!! We won't own the white door or the reddish part of the building. How can we make the front of the home beautiful? Any ballpark ideas of cost to ..say.. rebrick a home. Any help would so be appreciated.
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Mark Bischak, Architect
When you state the house was "flipped", then post images of buildings on their sides . . . it makes me wonder.
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Ray Swearingen
Some sort of refacing is definitely needed... Also moving the electric meter toward the side of the property would be a plus... Even the rear, if feasible... Adding a nice porch would accentuate the front and also increase value in the long run, plus help in inclement weather... Replacing doors for matching ones would also be a plus...
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Reread what your wrote, and you'll realize the answer to your question is NO you shouldn't buy the house.
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Ray Swearingen
I guess it all depends on what the purchase price is and what the average price of homes in the area are going for... But, if the asking/selling price is too high, yes, you are correct... I bought a home for a steal ($25000) back in '86 though... Put $35000 into it and ended up selling it for $98900..... That's why I said that it depends on asking price vs. average price in the area...
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If the builder did a really poor job on everything then do you have the money to buy the house AND redo it completely? If yes and the location is worth it then go for it. But don't let realtors convince you that the area is moving so fast if you don't jump right now you'll miss out forever.
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Not sure if that is the typical facade in your city, but it looks fine.
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You don't like the way it looks, the rehab job was poor, and the neighbor's front door encroaches into your space . . . I think you've answered your own question.
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