Advice on wood paneling please!
vananunezJuly 12, 2014
I have never worked with wood paneling before but I am getting a small apartment with carpet and I want wood floors. I've seen a video explaining how to install them but I have no idea where to buy them (for a good price) or how to tell if it's good quality wood. Please help! Thanks!
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I don't understand your question. Do you want to put in wood paneling or wood floors? I would be very surprised if a landlord would allow a tenant to replace the floors on her own.

Do you have much experience working with power tools? I ask this because the nailer to do hardwood floors is heavy, and would probably be more than most women could handle. And do you know how to pull up an old subfloor and replace it? You would have to be able to use a power saw to cut the boards down to a managable size as you took it up, and it's not easy--we took up a lot of old flooring last year, and it was something my husband had to do.

You also have to be very careful about not buying cheap wood flooring as it's not dried properly, and will cup and pop up over time. You want to buy from a regular flooring store, not a big box store like Home Depot or Lumber Liquidators.

It's very easy to decide that if something can be done on a video in 20 minutes, anyone with half a brain can do it. That's just not so, and if you need proof of that, check out the show Renovation Realities on the DIY Network that features regular people with limited DIY skills doing various renovations. Maybe 5% of them get done in the time they project without major problems arising. We've remodeled and are now renovating, and I can tell you that it isn't as easy as it looks if you want it to look good.
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Thank you for responding. I want to install a snap-together wood floor. It would be put over carpet and each section of the wood floor snaps together. If doing that involves power tools, my numerous older male siblings and father that will be helping me with this project. I am just trying to find out what supplies we'll need and where the best place would be to buy it. As for the landlord, it's a great family friend and there isn't a problem with the installation.
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Like laminate flooring, but I want actual wood. I have heard of laminate snap-together flooring that has a layer of real wood on the top- I guess that's what I'll need to look for?
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Over carpet? Not heard of this before.
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Please check out the comments I added.
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I think you're going to end up with a floor that is very unstable, and could be dangerous. I would advise against it simply because I don't think it would be safe.

And I can't imagine how a landlord is going to react to that as it will ruin the carpet, and you could end up being sued for damages. Please rethink this, or find a different apartment if having a wood floor is that important to you.
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I read your comments, and I will reiterate. I have never heard of doing this. Could you give us the URL of the video or something. I am sure we would all like to check it out.
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The wood floor would cost 4x the cost of new carpet. The click flooring will start unclicking by itself when any weight is put on it. This is your first apartment? Talk to your landlord and see what you can do to make your apartment your own. Paint, window treatment something that you can reverse when you leave.
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